Humint Events Online: Intel Versus Intel Tiffs: Distracting Us from Deeper Truths

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Intel Versus Intel Tiffs: Distracting Us from Deeper Truths

Here's a blatant example: two CIA interrogator fucks going at it on Fox-- though the guy arguing that waterboarding is not torture is a much sicker fuck. Their goal is distract from the reprehensible war crimes that were committed by their people and their involvement in 9/11.

A less obvious but more common example is reporter versus reporter-- e.g. Glenn Greenwald versus Joe Klein and Jeremy Scahill versus Chuck Todd. Their goal also is to distract from conspiracies like 9/11. See also Matt Taibbi's take on Tom Friedman-- but at least Taibbi is funny.

This is even more common in the conspiracy world, for instance the obvious and distracting bickering between 9/11 WTC thermite proponents and DEW proponents. Their goal is to distract from the nuclear destruction of the WTC.

I suspect even the publicized interaction between Aaron Russo and Nicholas Rockefeller was intel versus intel. Little doubt about Rockefeller, but typically the people who have special access to elite intel are also intel. Their goal was to distract from deeper truths about the PTB.


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