Humint Events Online: A 200 Ton 540 MPH Collision Couldn't Push the Columns COMPLETELY Inside?

Friday, October 02, 2009

A 200 Ton 540 MPH Collision Couldn't Push the Columns COMPLETELY Inside?

KICK-- as I still think this is important and not sure everyone sees it, or has seen it.

So let me get this straight.


Yet the big central panel of broken columns that the plane smashes into at 540 mph just breaks slightly inwards and plops down next to the hole???

Are you kidding me?


Possible explanations for the columns in the hole--
1) a plane smashed into the tower and punched the columns upward like a garage door flipping up. After the plane goes through, the columns fall down into the hole.

Problem: the "garage door" breakage pattern is highly unlikely at best, as 1) it is assymetric and the initial breakage is away from the precise point of collision, and 2) flipping the columns up means two or more floors are pushed and broken away greatly increases the overall resistance-- while the plane slid in without resistance.

2) a plane smashed into the tower and punched the columns inwards as the plane goes inwards-- then as the plane blows up and disintegrates, the columns get pushed back into the entry hole.

Problem: highly unlikely the plane blows up with enough force to propel the columns backwards and intact, and highly unlikely that the columns would be propelled perfectly backwards.

3) a plane smashed into the tower and punched the columns slightly inwards as the plane breaks apart and goes inwards around the columns. The columns don't move much after the initial displacement.

Problem: highly unlikely the plane is going to bisect around these columns after initially displacing them-- if the plane is going to break up completely around the columns during the initial collision, it would have had problems breaking the columns away in the first place. There also should have been much more deflection of debris backwards from the initial collision-- which was not seen.

4) explosives carefully placed on the outside of the towers in the shape of the plane hole-- they blow a large chunk of columns slightly inwards, and the fall into the hole.

Problem: powerful explosives have to be placed very precisely, without being detected, on the outside of the towers. This could be done by operatives posing as window washers.

Good views of the plane entering:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How would mini-nukes or other explosives set inside the building cause the big central panel of broken columns to just plop down next to the point of detonation?

10:36 PM  
Blogger No Remorse said...

So much easier to fake it with internal devices and or missiles than risk flying planes, what if those 'hijackers' missed either of the buildings?

The image of planes is central to the collapse myth.

7:49 AM  
Blogger nickname said...

That is indeed, exactly what it was
for WTC 1 & 2: "collapse myth".

Those buildings were blown to Kingdom Come. They didn't collapse.

9:02 AM  
Blogger nickname said...

Spooked -

Your blog about Sept. Clues is

what makes you suspicious that

S. Shack is a disinfo agent?

You sure about that? Unless I

missed it, all you did was review

his videos.

If that's all you've got, then

I think you're being grossly

unfair to Mr. Shack and it

is easy to conclude that you're

simply jealous of his work and

careless or unconcerned about

being objective.

Your readers deserve better.

10:10 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

As I already wrote:
"I have posted reviews of his videos here before. The main idea is that he makes about 50% good points, and 50% really dumb points that are too easily debunked. My thinking is that anyone smart enough to make his high quality videos, and make good points, should be smart enough to not make dumb easily debunked points. Thus I think he is intel of some sort. Further, most recently, there was some disturbing stuff going on between him and Stevenwarran that was posted at 911movement. I posted the link here a few days back."

9:04 PM  
Blogger nickname said...

If making "really dumb, easily

debunked points" is a sign of a

disinfo agent, then I submit that

anyone who promotes such points as

"Greer shot JFK, while driving him

down Elm street" may well be

suspected of being a disinfo

agent. Especially, if there are

other peculiarities involving that

person which can't be verified,

other than by hearsay support.

10:50 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

To each his own, Nickname.

11:45 AM  
Blogger nickname said...

"Everyone to his own taste", said

the old lady, as she kissed the cow.

1:38 PM  

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