Humint Events Online: "Is Our Children Learning?"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Is Our Children Learning?"

Not in Oklahoma, they sure as fuck are not:
In order to pass the citizenship test, an applicant must answer six of the 10 questions correctly. As you can see in Table 2, only 2.8 percent of Oklahoma high-school students attending public schools answered six or more questions correctly, and thus pass the citizenship test. Out of the sample of 1,000 students, only six students got seven questions correct, and none answered eight or more questions correctly.

Notice that the number of students answering either zero or one item correctly (204 students) is more than seven times larger than the number answering six or more items correctly (28 students). In short, Oklahoma's public high-school students have displayed a profound level of ignorance regarding American history, government, and geography.
Note, only 61% of OK high school students could identify the Atlantic ocean as the large body of water to the east of the US. In any case, I guess this explains Oklahoma's representation in Congress, such as the complete troglodyte, James Inhofe.


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