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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Carmen Taylor's Story Doesn't Add Up

Carmen's words from here:
No feeling of the plane arriving too soon. I was watching it and had the feeling which I’ve described in one of my original essay’s “…I mechanically tracked the airplane with my peripheral vision and centered my attention on the viewfinder as the plane traveled its low, precise course which lined up perfectly with the South Tower of the World Trade Center.” It was almost rhythmic, dependable in the way it happened—which is ultimately exactly what allowed me to be able to take the picture. The plane did what I thought it would do when I thought it would do it.

This is also difficult for me to understand. I could not have set up for and taken the picture of 175 if it had flown into the tower from behind me and over my head.

After taking picture #17, there was a lapse of 2 minutes and 26 seconds (from 3:07:12 to 3:09:38) until I took #18 (the plane). That doesn’t mean I was immediately aware of the plane right after 3:07:12, just that it was sometime after that when I “felt/heard” 175 and began thinking about and setting up the shot.
Simply put, this makes no sense, it doesn't fit with the official plane path, and also begs the question of why she was expecting the plane and setting up the shot.

If she was facing the tower from the south, which she was according to her photos, the plane DID come from behind her and over her according to the official videos. There's no way she could have tracked the plane in her peripheral vision.

Her whole story is nonsensical and bizarre, and is likely a clever intel op. My previous post on Taylor is here, with some interesting comments that should be read.

It's funny -- she could have simply said she got incredibly lucky with her shot. But instead, she comes up with this cockamamie story about tracking the plane and expecting it. It's TOO MUCH!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is likely a clever intel op

ha ha it is not even clever it is so stupid that it must be a perp taunt.

9:35 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

good point

though most of the people at Pumpitout seem fooled enough by her

enough they are intel too-- which I can't rule out

Carmen seems rather friendly with them, that is for sure

7:36 AM  
Blogger No Remorse said...

Most of those at perpitout are singing from the same script as 'heidi. 'She' was also very friendly with Jeff, it's what they call a 'honey pot'.

6:56 AM  

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