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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Who Shot "911 Movement"? Was It a Lone Psycho or Was There a Larger Conspiracy?

Killtown claims it was a lone psycho. How he knows this is far from clear, and I don't see how he can rule out a larger conspiracy. Certainly, it is hard to rule out that "Sparks" is some sort of agent, or that she is controlled by intel.


Blogger anonymous wak said...

jen sparks was considered a person of controversy at least 4-5 years ago - no surprise that she is still embroiled in the same types of controversy.
notice that her blog does not accept comments - IMO that is a sure sign that one knows fully well that one's opinions/comments do not stand up under scrutiny.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Ningen said...

Why do you care? That forum was full of Simon Shack's BS.

5:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Should anyone care about "911-anti-movement" site being shut down?

"Killtown" had stated on his site.
1. That frame 312 of the Zapruder film was the kill frame for the JFK Assassination, when it clearly is frame 313. He put out much crap in this regard and it was identical to some intel asset's crap on youtube, so I presume they are one and the same. (His later posts on JFK cannot make up for this major faux pas.)

2. Like Rick Siegel, he proclaimed, "I don't care what brought down the towers." When, of course, learning that the people and the towers were nuked, and that the China Syndrome resulted--and not the video fakery (which is true)--are clearly the things that would have enraged the masses, and could have led to a real MOVEMENT.

So all the bogus 911 forums had the purpose of avoiding or denying the nuking and the CSA. And now that sufficient time after 9/11/01 has elapsed, the PTB know it has faded from people's memories or concerns, so they can now shut down their agents' sites and forums.

Does anyone think that it is a coincidence that all the 911 forums are vaporizing at about the same time?

All the intel assets got their orders. Assigned to other things, under different names now.

And of course this obvious intel asset, is now actually claiming that a "lone nut" is solely responsible for the vaporization of his forum?!

How regimish is that? I wonder if she is "just a patsy"--intel or otherwise?

Anonymous Physicist

12:33 PM  
Blogger Killtown said...

Spooked, because Slick told Quest, SidLittle, and myself. He resigned the day before he pulled both the forum and the domain.

And it wasn't a lone psycho. Genghis and Shure were complicit too.

5:17 PM  
Blogger Killtown said...

@ A.P.

1) WTF are you talking about?

2) I'm flattered to know that I possess that much power and influence that if I declared the towers were "nuked," it would have started a "real movement." {rolleyes}

"So all the bogus 911 forums had the purpose of avoiding or denying the nuking and the CSA"

Uuh, our follow admin 'Quest' was a big believer in your nuke theory. He actually wished to censor talk about DEW.

"Does anyone think that it is a coincidence that all the 911 forums are vaporizing at about the same time?"

Which other one's did???

"And of course this obvious intel asset, is now actually claiming that a "lone nut" is solely responsible for the vaporization of his forum?!"

Um, it's what Slick told us the day before he pulled the forum and domain name. He's the only one who had the password to both Einstein.

Spooked, at this point I would refrain from linking to the work of A.P. He's obviously ultra paranoid.

5:33 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

I am pretty confident that both Shure and Genghis are intel. SO if they were both involved with the takedown, that basically implies a larger govt conspiracy.

Which wouldn't be surprising. If they faked ALL the plane videos, wouldn't you expect them to be very active in covering it up?

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part 1: From Anonymous Physicist

It is interesting that Killtown replies here NOW to me, when he has NEVER in the past--now that his "forum" is vaporized.

Interesting too that there is no reply RE the JFK Assassination points I raised.

Where and when did KT ever refer to my work?--the definitive work on what destroyed the WTC and caused the massive heat for 6 months afterwards?

Note there was also no reply RE him stating that "it doesn't matter what brought down the towers" or was it "I don't care what brought down the towers" or both?

Then RE "Quest," I do not know about him, as numerous things were strange and questionable. When I cited him here myself, and asked him to comment, he wouldn't. Then I saw that he got big on the Jew/Zionist hangout (as much of 911movement was [again showing who KT's masters really are] as the perps of 9/11 and many other things. As I have stated here, the 2 hangouts--Commies/Reds and Jews/Zionists are always put out by intel assets to steer people away from Langley, London and Rome.

If KT read or understood my work, he would know that the long process of deciphering the allegedly pro-nuclear proponents or theorizers led to the inescapable conclusion that almost all of them (if not all) were intel also. In some cases, to hide the China Syndrome and its fission bomb source, or to blame those who didn't and couldn't have done it. Or to have them propose absurd or impossible aspects--Tahil/reactors) etc.

So being pro-nuke on the surface means little without examining someone's actions and other writings.

Another perfect example of a fake pro-nuke intel asset is "Genghis."

On the surface--great--even denouncing the obvious intel asset Judy Wood whose whole Killtown-beloved theory of DEW was shown by me years ago to be designed specifically to hide/claim nuclear and CSA phenomena for "DEW."

But Genghis' claims either on Siegel's site or his own have included that the plane impacts shown on TV were fakery (true), that the towers were nuked (true)--but that the nukes were flown into the buildings on other planes that morning!!!?? His Op-plan is also a common one--have proponents of something be so fucked up and/or foul that no one would want to believe anything such a person is proclaiming.

And also his site has/had claims of planes flying at 330,000 feet! Whether that was a typo or not, it has the beloved 33 of his masters in it.

But don't we all love the bogus, but entertaining fights between all the hidden intel assets? Wood vs S Jones, Wood vs Jenkins, Genghis vs KT, Nico vs the world, Jeff Shure vs anyone real.

Why does it take you all so long to realize who is intel? Do you really think an FBI agent would talk to this stranger, a Canadian and say he and the FBI think there is something to TV fakery or whatever he claimed "an FBI agent" told him. Or those fakers who can interview anybody from the CIA Director, to Steven Jones and ZP Bazant?

Or the fake 911truther/British intel agent that I showed outed himself when he proclaimed another "ex-"MI5/6 agent "stayed in my home." and "I know him well, I vouch for him."

911truth has had the most blatantly obvious bunch of intel filth "leading" it since day one.

I even learned why the first public, but fake, 911truth gathering was in Portland (with the main speaker being the 2nd generation of intel filth, Michael Ruppert and his peak oil scam).

Yes we saw recently when those 3 Portland intel fuckers--pretending to write up the alternative 911 theories for a Congressional investigation--created the most blatant and absurd distortion of my nuclear work for their "White Paper." ["A.P. claimed 30,000 nukes went off."] Yeah they got their intel assets all over the enlightened Portland area, especially the filth that worked for Life/CIA magazine. Nothing ever changes--Life reversed the frames of the Zapruder film, and apparently employs, or employed, only CIA agents as reporters.

KT's Q. Which forums have been vaporized in the last year or so?

Ans. Which ones haven't?

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Part 2:

If KT were real, he would have shouted out from the rooftops how I explained how his interviewee, Paricia Ondrovic, EMT, revealed in his interview and to that Commission, phenomena that could only be explained by the EMPs of nukes going off!

A genuine 911 "truther" and researcher would have proudly proclaimed how his interview led to the unraveling, by this physicist, of what really happened that day!

But hell no, that didn't happen, The Op of all these fake 911 fucking "truthers"--and with this one--also bogus JFK "researchers" was clear as a bell to me from early on. Both their actions and inactions always give them away

It has been both not unexpected, yet still a revelation, that just as in the JFK Assassination field, you can go through almost everybody and find virtually no one who isn't getting those double or triple checks form the Gestapo agencies.

As I have privately told Spooked, of all the significant forums and blogs and websites on 9/11 "truth," the only one that I could reasonably be sure was not an intel agent/asset besides him was PlaguePuppy. Once PP read my stuff explaining the great heat at the WTC for 6 months, via the China Syndrome, I saw him manage to actually get that posted on that pure, fucking CIA blog--911blogger.
But Kudos also to David Howard for posting my work all over the internet. And for manning up also and doing the right thing and ordering the books written by someone who for years selflessly wrote up what really happened on 9/11 and the far deeper picture of the real WHYs of it all, and who made clear how he was poisoned and made impoverished and extremely ill, yet only David Howard and one other (besides Spooked) could bring themselves to do the right thing, and order the books.

RE Killtown--the double duty of his Ops was made clear with his "frame 312 is the fatal headshot frame", and having an identical vicious youtube pretending to show that.

I knew this would turn out to be the case when I entered "911truth," from my knowledge of both the Kennedy Assassination and all the bogus "researchers," "authors" etc in that field all being intel. With the grand poobah Alex Jones created to replace the assassinated Bill Cooper, who along with Sherman Skolnick (deceased) and Rodney Stich were perhaps the only ones in the general conspiracy field not intel.
(Not counting myself.)

But I got into 911truth precisely because I saw there was no one with a physical sciences background saying a word of truth in this field. Just the Woods, Jones, Jenkins, Bazants, etc. with their hangouts, or OCT lunacy to hide the nukes and the CSA.

So where is your next assignment, KT?

Notice how he uses terms and "philosophy" that are pure intel/MSM methods--claiming a lone nut, calling me paranoid, etc.

What filth, I have well described what was done to me, if anyone fully comprehends the extreme magnitude of that, he would realize that no one could have been paranoid enough to have expected such monstrosities would have been done to him.

And that no one has offered me assistance, from all my readers is very telling too.

So to your supervisors, KT I say: your boy has done a poor job, the frame 312 matter, the "I don't care about [the nuking and the China Syndrome]" revealed who he was a long time ago. You are going to have to give him a new moniker, you mf'ers.

Which new website/forum will you have him open up (with a new moniker), and with the ususal hangout of "Zionists are in charge of everything" [instead of low level, but evil, pawns for those out of London, Rome, AND BEYOND, really in charge]?"

He might be able to be spotted even with his new moniker and forum.

HINT: Next time, don't have him proclaim that the most important thing for the People to learn "doesn't matter."

Anonymous Physicist

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects.

Google "Quadri-Track ZCT"

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What makes you think Genghis is intel.?! Of all the 9/11 NPT/TV Fakery video makers, he seems to me the most responsible and most careful about what he says (at least in his major videos, not when he is personally taking pot-shots at people). The arguments he presents are far tighter than Simon Shack's.

I don't know the full story of his grievances against Killtown and I don't necessarily approve of everything he's done in handling them, but I think he has legitimate points to make about Killtown's guarding his (their? its?) anonymity while disclosing other people's private information.

3:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(That was to spooked, before I'd gotten to the Anonymous Physicist comments.

I have never seen any place where Genghis has said that nukes were flown into the towers on planes. I'm very skeptical that he said that, or at least not any time recently. Maybe was an early mistake?)

4:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had emailed to Spooked a copy and that url, when I saw "Genghis" comment (1-2 years ago or such) that he stated he thought the nukes were flown into the towers that morning--YES ON PLANES!

I hope Spooked remembers my emailing him that. I am not the kind of person to lie about this, nor risk losing my credibility for the larger picture, just to show how deranged or corrupt "Genghis" is!! I don't give a damn about him, per se.

If you find that quote really strange, or impossible, then you should know what that implies. And it is not me that you should be questioning.

If you understood what I wrote, all these banterings are fake--both sides being intel. Both sides often giving things away with their 33's, as Genghis did with his "Planes flew at "330,000 feet". But you seem like you cannot understand this at a deeper level or else...

Some people though, via the internet, and also being in a deep state of denial, do not want to know just how the virtual totality of "conspiracy experts" are intel agents/assets. Or book authors too for that matter, as in the Kennedy Assassination, where only Bill Cooper and maybe one or two others, out of hundreds or THOUSANDS was NOT an intel agent/asset!

Getting it??

If you haven't, I would advise you to read the totality of my work. I am not saying this is necessarily about you, but there are so many lazy people who post on forums, and sites, doing virtually no reading beyond the snippets of their idols. No books.

TVfakery--though an important topic--was designed by the forum owners (who are assets) to steer internet people from alerting the Masses to the most important issue--the WTC was nuked and the China Syndrome resulted.

If you have not read or comprehended my posts here AND the deeper picture--AND previous archived articles they implicitly refer to--please don't then try to criticize what I wrote as being false or mistaken, because it is factual.

You can be certain that Genghis wrote that he thought "nukes were flown into the towers," if I said he said that.

IMO this was part of a larger Psyop of the intel agencies putting out some of their people to act deranged and have them be (or pretend to be) pro-WTC nuke.

An additional favorite example of mine was when Ace Baker did his phony, on-air suicide on (obvious, long-time, fellow Intel Agent) James Fetzer's radio show. After thus losing any credibility he may have previously had, his very next posting at his blog--from out of nowhere--was the entirety of my article, "Summary of the best Evidence of the Nuking of the WTC." I took that as a compliment. Though no one has had the brains or guts to give me an award for all I that have done--proving that DEW and thermite are bogus hangouts, demonstrating that small fission bombs went off and the China Syndrome resulted--this was the only "award" per se, I have received. And sadly perhaps ever will...

But to me, it demonstrated that after losing any remaining credibility, he sought to regain some by posting a definitive article FROM someone whose only goal in the 911 matter has been to find out the truth of what happened and why, and whose credibility is beyond reproach in these conspiracy matters.

Anonymous Physicist

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Furthermore, I have also written that TVfakery is akin to all the fakery (primitive at that point in time) on the Zapruder film. Which I will not go into now--do some reading! Yes, of books.

My point now is that we didn't have people/researchers scream the "Z film is fake," as much as we had people, like Bill Cooper and others, who showed what was still there--that the SS driver, Greer did it. That of course, was/is the far more important issue to get out to the People--akin to the WTC was nuked and the China Syndrome resulted.

The only people in 911truth deserving of a modicum of respect are those who have tried to get that out to the People! And history--if we will have any history?--will prove this last assertion!

Just as no one now cares, that the Z film has fakery, but some, perhaps many, still care that the Regime itself, via its agent, his supposed protector, killed him.

The majority of Americans now believe the American Gov't killed President Kennedy.

Not many know or care that there is fakery on the Z film!

The internet could have been the driving force to get the People to learn that the American Gov't nuked its own citizens and caused the China Syndrome amidst millions of other citizens. But this was not to be.

The intel agencies, always led by MI6 and then down to its controlled intel agencies in the other countries (USA, Australia, Canada, etc.) had its agents/assets with their video knowledge ready to go to steer people away from this crucial issue, and to often "sex it up" to use the assassinated Dr. Kelly's term, with all the phony banterings, and "whose video is better" diversions, of their agents.

Sadly the diversions worked. And now the intel agencies have pulled the plug on the forums, as enough time has elapsed and the People were not sufficiently informed of what really happened to rise up.

So the TV fakery forums have been/are being vaporized.

Hopefully the sites that have my articles demonstrating that the WTC was nuked and that the China Syndrome resulted--and the deeper picture of WHY this was all done--will go on indefinitely.

And if not, if all the blogs disappear, is the reason I wrote two books on this. Hopefully they will always be available to those who really want to know the most crucial of the issues...

But much of it is still available in the various archived sites Spooked has up.

Anonymous Physicist

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Best Justice That Money Can Buy ...

Stoelting UltraScribe AT Polygraph 5 Ch. Lie Detector

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do those cost, David?

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Google "Stoelting UltraScribe polygraph"

12:59 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Last I heard from Genghis, he was freaking out on Shure's forum, screaming at me for still believing in no planes and video fakery.

IMO, guys like Shure and Genghis, who start out heavy on no planes and video fakery and then turn against it completely, are intel.

8:38 PM  
Blogger Killtown said...

@ totally anonymous person:

"Killtown's guarding his anonymity while disclosing other people's private information."

Name one person's private info I've publicly disclosed.

8:39 PM  
Blogger Killtown said...

@ Anonymous Physicist

You're a kook. Seek help for your paranoia.

8:41 PM  
Blogger Killtown said...

spooked said...

"I am pretty confident that both Shure and Genghis are intel. SO if they were both involved with the takedown, that basically implies a larger govt conspiracy."

A govt conspiracy sounds like the govt took down both the invisionfree URL and the domain name.

Slick told me he took both down. I'm sure he would have also told me if someone else took both down.

Slick was blackmailed by Genghis and Col. Jenny Sparks with the help of Shure.

Feel free to go ask at Shure's forum. See if they deny it.

8:46 PM  
Blogger spooked said...


First of all, how well do you know "Slick" and how well do you trust him?

Second, the govt conspiracy could easily have involved blackmail to get what they wanted.

The bottom line is that the forum is gone, and who benefits from that?

7:35 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

I also want to point out that I am suspicious of any non-American, ie Shure and Genghis, who take such an overwhelming interest in 9/11. It makes more sense to me that they are operatives than spending so much of their lives on 9/11 out of a massive interest in humanity.

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It may be easier to realize that foreigners in "9/11 truth" are intel agents or assets--likely of MI6.

It may be more important to expose the intel agents/assets that are supposedly American--like "Killtown."

After detailing many points about his intel behavior in 911truth above, all he has replied so far with is.

1. A lone nut solely did in his bogus forum.
2. A.P. is paranoid.
3. "A.P. is a kook. Get help. (The near identical words used here by someone posted here who has admitted his role in the Kennedy assassination. Could they be the same person. Or at least have the same controller?)

All three above statements are typical intel/MSM methods of trying to use ridicule when they cannot use truth or logic.


Just admit it and vanish!

Killtown's being ordered to shut down his own forum is all part of the vaporizing of all, or most of the bogus forums on 911truth--especially the ones that diverted people away from the nuking and the China Syndrome. First we "lost" Siegel's, then it looked like Genghis', then Killtown's "JEWS and DEWS did it" forum. Good riddance.

I have detailed how some of the Op of crashing one's own forum shows itself, with the example of Siegel's from several years ago.

Siegel's forum had just been written up in the New York Post (large newspaper). It was said that 5000 new viewers immediately showed up. Immediately too was the two intel assets acting in tandem. Nico Haupt then immediately posted scatological and pornographic images for some alleged, deluded reason. Siegel kept them up for many days with some BS reason for "not taking them down or being able to, or such." All the new viewers never came back. (Siegel has been headquartered out of London.)

Now I have seen IN REAL TIME how when someone (David Howard) posted links to my specific nuke or China Syndrome articles--immediately Siegel would take the link down. I also saw when someone was pointing out Siegel's physics had errors, Siegel immediately took down the whole thread.

But he allowed many disgusting images to be posted over many days
by Nico Haupt. Again demonstrating that Haupt and Siegel were you know what.

Killtown's bogus forum was collapsed by Killtown with a "lone nut/patsy" waiting in the wings. She is either an innocent patsy, or a not-so innocent patsy.

And the entertaining, diversionary intra-911truth wars are just that. Virtually always by/among fellow travellers from Langley, Ft Meade, Tavistock, etc.

One favorite here is Judy Wood and the physicist Jenkins squaring off (or pretending to)--watch Wood smile and smirk when it first begins.

And what has the lovely DEWer been up to lately, Killtown? You must know her--same "sponsor", yes?

Please just disappear KT.

Your forum was ordered terminated.

Don't they have a new assignment yet for you??

Anonymous Physicist

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the Op-Plan of these collapsed forums continues in effect:
Have people concentrate on "whose video is better than the other guy's."

And all the videos made should be on the TVfakery aspect. None on the most crucial issue for the American people,a nd all other citizens, to know--that the American regime nuked the WTC, and all its human inhabitants--mostly it s own citizens, and the China Syndrome resulted.

Indeed Siegel had actually promised a full length video was to be released, "WMD at the WTC."

It never was made, and he never commented on that. A short trailer video was made with that same title, and you can still view this on youtube or google video. It was promised for "September", 2007 I believe.

See how it begins with showing firemen within the falling ash and correctly asks, "Is this nuclear winter?"

It looked pretty good as far as releasing the truth of the nuking of the WTC to the world. But it never was made, or released, or commented again on by Siegel.

Imagine if a full-length, good video were made of the nuking of the WTC and of the China Syndrome Aftermath??

Imagine if it were viewed by as many people as have seen "Loose Change", or whichever videos are the most popular (but are clearly Hangouts and gatekeeping devices)?

And did Siegel get stopped, or was it his clever Op to claim he would put that out, so that no one else would?! Siegel is still operating out of London in the video making business, so nothing was done to him apparently.

But preventing crucial videos being made, via diversions of "Jews and DEWS did it," and "whose video mashup is better than the other guy's" was part of Killtown's Op. As well as that of Nico and numerous others in "911truth."

Why did none of these great video meisters never make a video of the nuking of the the WTC, and of the China Syndrome???????????????

The two blogs containing my articles on these two matters, contain all the material from which videos could have been made on these two related, crucial topics.

Of course, all intel creatures have been ordered not to refer to the work of someone who is not also an intel creature.

I do love how some alleged 911truthers actually ask which one of these 2 issues is more important:

1. Fakery was actually shown on TV (GASP), or

2. the WTC and all its human inhabitants were nuked/vaporized and the China Syndrome was set in place amidst millions more human beings.

By all means, do your 911fakery videos--I never said it wasn't important, and have declared myself (publicly as an NPTer), since my first posts here that it is clear to me that the planes were merely CGI, and that there is what I called "zero interaction physics" for both the plane and the towers during the bogus "crash."

But why did not any of these video geniuses (also) create a good, long video on the nuking of the WTC and the CSA?? Intel? Idiots? Got diverted? All of the above?

Guess what--IT'S NOT TOO LATE!

And if you do, PLEASE--without the loud, stupid music. I think the inclusion of loud, stupid music was another giveaway that it was actually meant to turn people off of what it was purporting to show!

But again--IT'S NOT TOO LATE!

Perhaps even more important to do NOW with an intel filth receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for actually proclaiming Orwell's "War is Peace." And "we have to destroy the world because 9/11 was done to us."

Nothing would arouse the citizens of the USA and the citizens of the World, than to see proof that the American Regime nuked its own people and created the False Flag of blaming it on others as a ruse for waging a bogus Perennial War on the People of the World--including Americans, who were obviously the FIRST to be killed/nuked, on 9/11!

Anonymous Physicist

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In other words, A.P. it was a "lone psycho" named Killtown?

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In other words, A.P. it was a "lone psycho" named Killtown?

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All this talk of who is & who isn't intel is just dumb and a distraction.

Genghis is just a Narcistic prick who threw his toys out of the cot when he got rejected, & was no longer the centre of attention.

Shure could simply have been compromised, threatened or blackmailed into suiciding his work.
The same MO used on Slick to pull 911 movement.

As for Sparks who cares what she thinks.

Is Killtown intel ? just check out his website, he's the only one that hasn't changed his position.

6:34 AM  

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