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Thursday, January 28, 2010

One of the Greatest (Banned) Anti-War Speeches — Because it Presents Action That Can Work

By The Anonymous Physicist

In 1971, Donald Sutherland, Jane Fonda and other actors, singers, and musicians put on shows for anti-war GIs near US Army base camps in the USA. In 1972 a film made of these events, called FTA or Fuck The Army, was released. It was directed by Francine Parker. The film was quickly banned in the USA (despite any alleged freedoms on paper.)

Here is part 10 of this film that someone put on Youtube. Please archive it, copy it, etc. It is likely to be taken down.

It begins with Jane Fonda speaking about the chemical bombs the US regime was raining down on the Vietnamese and the ensuing birth defects and unliveable areas in Vietnam that were created. It is very relevant to the American regime’s wars on the Iraqi and Afghani Peoples now. But the final speech, beginning at about 3:40, has Donald Sutherland reciting one of the greatest Anti-War speeches ever written! It is a great speech both because of the powerful way its sentiments are expressed AND because it tells the PTB that soldiers have a way of countering the evil and madness the PTB have got them into—namely to do what they have been trained to do— USE THEIR GUNS TO DEFEND DEMOCRACY— BUT AGAINST THOSE WHO CREATE BOGUS WARS— AND NOT AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLES.

Please post this far and wide. I have not been able to find a transcript of Sutherland’s remarkable speech, and blueprint, anywhere. I ask if someone can listen to it and make a written transcript for all of us to read and post, I thank you. Please also do this in case the video is taken down. There needs to be records of this speech that the US Regime and the lackey media banned for decades.

And here is a related article I wrote on Hugh Thompson about to carry out the actions recommended by Donald Sutherland. The threat of that was the only thing that allowed a few survivors at the end of the My Lai massacre that saw over 500 innocent women, children and old men being tortured, raped and killed. The American Regime initially just labeled them all as Communist insurgents (aka “terrorists.”) The relevance for today, is that the American regime apparently no longer allows the public to know about such events in Iraq and Afghanistan. Only air bombing mistakes seem to get publicized. You can be sure that there are many massacres on the ground, such as at Fallujah, that have been hidden.

This is also relevant today, as Obama’s “State of the Union” speech is scheduled to be Hitleric. In fact it is worst than Hitler! Hitler used the Nazi regime’s false flag Op of burning down their Reichstag building as an excuse for a perennial war on “terrorists,” and the loss of Germans’ constitutional rights. But he did not destroy the economy of Germany. He put people back to work and the Germans already had health care. Obama, like his predecessor, is destroying the livelihoods and lives of the poor and middle class. Obama apparently just wants us to— in effect, if not yet in actuality— shout Sieg Heil [Hail Victory] as he uses terrorism as a ruse to burn the USA down.

Anonymous Physicist

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