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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Unlawful Combatants: CIA Agents Piloting Drones

Interesting turnabout here...
CIA drone attacks produce America's own unlawful combatants
By Gary Solis
Friday, March 12, 2010

In our current armed conflicts, there are two U.S. drone offensives. One is conducted by our armed forces, the other by the CIA. Every day, CIA agents and CIA contractors arm and pilot armed unmanned drones over combat zones in Afghanistan and Pakistan, including Pakistani tribal areas, to search out and kill Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters. In terms of international armed conflict, those CIA agents are, unlike their military counterparts but like the fighters they target, unlawful combatants. No less than their insurgent targets, they are fighters without uniforms or insignia, directly participating in hostilities, employing armed force contrary to the laws and customs of war. Even if they are sitting in Langley, the CIA pilots are civilians violating the requirement of distinction, a core concept of armed conflict, as they directly participate in hostilities.

If the CIA civilian personnel recently killed by a suicide bomber in Khost, Afghanistan, were directly involved in supplying targeting data, arming or flying drones in the combat zone, they were lawful targets of the enemy, although the enemy himself was not a lawful combatant. It makes no difference that CIA civilians are employed by, or in the service of, the U.S. government or its armed forces. They are civilians; they wear no distinguishing uniform or sign, and if they input target data or pilot armed drones in the combat zone, they directly participate in hostilities -- which means they may be lawfully targeted.

Moreover, CIA civilian personnel who repeatedly and directly participate in hostilities may have what recent guidance from the International Committee of the Red Cross terms "a continuous combat function." That status, the ICRC guidance says, makes them legitimate targets whenever and wherever they may be found, including Langley.


Blogger engineer said...

Ok to kill "civilians" in droves but they can not kill back, right?

From Dresden to Afghanistan.

When a nuke is launched from a silo in N. Dakota, important for operators to be covered with similar cloth, and show rank. Then OK. Same with "Enola Gay" crew. Did it cheat?

Drone costs what, $1,000,000 not counting support equipment and personnel? One drone, one Taliban. Is this cost effective?

CIA kills Taliban today, the other side tomorrow.

Is society becoming more civilized since the advent of mechanized killing?

10:12 AM  

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