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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's 33

In the Science article where they sequenced the neanderthal DNA, the three bones where they obtained the DNA from were named: Vi33.16, Vi33.25 and Vi33.26.

These blatant 33's are kind of unreal to see in a major science publication like this. But given that the article discusses human origins from 50,000 years ago, the PTB naturally have a stake in controlling this information.


Blogger nickname said...

Too silly. It's disappointing to
think that you apparently really
believe (i.e., take it on faith)
such patent nonsense.

What's next, a confession that you
have always known that their real
source of power is Voodoo?

9:50 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Nickname-- what exactly do I believe that you think is patent nonsense?

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe nickname doesn't believe that there really is a constant promotion of 33 by not only the Main Stein Media, but even the internet media as well, almost at every turn.
or maybe he has noticed the 33s but thinks it is nothing more than an inconsequential coincidence.

whatever he believes, i notice that he hasn't responded to your reply.

3:57 PM  
Blogger nickname said...


It seems that you believe that a
group of people which you label as
"PTB" somehow are able to make sure that certain
things and events are associated with
the #33... as a sign or signal that
they (PTB) are responsible for them and that is why the #33 is connected
with the event...sort of like a
"Kilroy Was Here" marking.

Lots of things happen in 3s or
33s. All the time. Everywhere.

You and your mouthpiece "ap", give "them" undeserved credit for power that no group of PTB could possibly possess.

4:30 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

of course the number 33 will appear randomly at times. But there is simply no doubt that 33 is also code and is promoted by the media, secret societies, intel agencies and the PTB. You may not believe that, for whatever reason, but I am convinced of it.

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please people, this creature has admitted he is this guy:

Did you all forget his own 33???!!!

Why do you go along with his act?

8:20 PM  
Blogger nickname said...

"I am convinced of it."

Exactly what do base your belief on?
Is there some scholarly work that
has made you a believer, or just
some paranoid guy who believes that
he was poisoned by the 33s because of
his profound understanding of how they operate?

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another year has passed, and still he hasn't answered the questions about his own actions.

Look for his 33.

Remember this is the guy who first said there was no such thing as audio added to the video of the Zapruder film. Then he said he was the one remasterminding it!!! And he was there, and saw and/or heard all aspects of the Kennedy Assassination!

Even said that article about him contained many falsehoods, but never tried to correct it.

Why is an agent/asset allowed to remain here and lie and lie and try to divert away from the truth? Why does anyone take him seriously, and respond to his obfuscations?? He has never said a single word of truth here or anywhere.

9:30 PM  
Blogger nickname said...

ALL lies. 100% BS. From a guy
who claims that "intel goons from
the Evil Regime effed up his brain
by poisoning him with Mercury.

Did it actually happen? Maybe so.
A case could certainly be easily
made. "intel goons". poisoned
some guy calls himself "anonymous
physicist". would a real physicist
even admit it if he believed CIA
had poisoned him? never mind his theories and paranoia.

Maybe "the 33s DID do a number on
him". Seems plausible to me.

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no nickname it is not all lies - all of us commentors here were witness to your claim that you were involved in some kind of manipulation of the zapruder film.
then when asked to elaborate by AP you failed to do so. that was a good year or more ago but to my knowledge you still have not elaborated.
you want to refer to lies? look in the mirror.

11:42 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Thanks Anon, for the reminder.

"Nickname" certainly does have his own 33, and highly fishy history.

7:08 AM  
Blogger nickname said...


If you can provide credible evidence
for "ap's" claims that he was poisoned with Mercury by "intel goons" or anyone else, then I'll
agree that might excuse the lies which he has published about me -which you seem to endorse.

If "ap" tries to weasel out of his
lies by saying it was actually his wife who poisoned him and he just thought it was "intel perps", then
kindly provide evidence which
supports THAT nonsense.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blast of science fiction and numerology.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How this perp is allowed to remain here and spout his lies and vituperations is mind boggling.

Note the contradiction from this perp:

"back to your regularly scheduled blast of science fiction and numerology."

Why is the entity--with his own 33 year legend--here if he has this low opinion of the blogger and the blog?

Answer: Orders.

From his Gestapo masters, to be here until he is rightly removed.

Do we really need to know what the intel agencies have to say about things?

9:36 AM  
Blogger nickname said...

"Do we really need to know what the intel agencies have to say about things?"

No, what we need is proof for your claims that they poisoned you.

Where is it?

9:41 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Nickname-- specifically what lies have we published about you? I am not responding to any of your questions until you answer that.

10:02 AM  
Blogger nickname said...

Did you say I lied when I quoted
"ap's" claim that intel perps had
poisoned him with Mercury? Or for the claims he made about WHY they
poisoned him?

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is this perp not banned?

As "Early Wynn" he lied and said Spooked was blocking him--all the while he was able to post that lie, and all his other lies. Anyone else would have forever banned him, then and there.

As Nickname, he is allowed to post all his lies and vituperations against A.P.

E.g., he lied and called A.P. a liar over the judge and jury's ruling that his beloved Gestapo regime partook in the murder of Martin Luther King. A.P. then posted proof of that ruling, and that he was the one lying. There was no apology.

He even lied and said there was no such thing as audio added to the video of the Zapruder film, when A.P. brought up why they did what they did to him. A little while later, he not only admitted there was such a thing but he was the one remasterminding it!! Everything he ever wrote here is a lie.

A.P. PREDICTED, several years ago, that since he (as Early Wynn) objected every single time A.P. posted the truth of SS Agent Greer's firing the final head shot that killed President Kennedy, that this "Early Wynn" must have partook in the act, and therefore would be ordered to partake in the cover-up for the rest of his life. And he later proved A.P.'s remarkable prediction! And he acts with such impunity over these deeds!

As Bill M., he is, or was, remasterminding evidence in the Kennedy Assassination along with the humanity-destroying Lawrence Livermore (nuclear) Labs. (He hasn't said any more on this lately. Let's hope A.P. blew the whistle on the murderous LL Labs altering of the evidence and stopped that nonsense. If not, we know what the result will be--"anyone but the driver Greer could have done it."

As there is no termination date for charges of conspiracy in murder, and high treason, he should be brought at least for immediate questioning before Texas and Federal authorities according to his own statements in the article he and the PTB put out about him.

Why does anybody even attempt to answer any of his lies, when he has had nearly two years to answer the simple questions he raised about his own actions and whereabouts during the Kennedy Assassination, and his possible obstruction of Justice in "remasterminding" the evidence. (And he's had over 40 years before that to concoct a consistent tale. I guess it can't be done.)

As David Howard would say, make him take the Lie Detector test.

He simply needs to be removed. He adds nothing here but lies and distractions, time wasting, and a false front as a liberal--while he has said numerous times he doesn't believe anything at this blog!

No one should ever pay him any mind except to highlight the article Spooked and A.P. wrote about him nearly two years ago, and have waited for him to answer the simple questions raised about his actions and whereabouts.

He pretends there is nothing to the "33," when his own legend has the 33 years in it.

He has outed himself. There's no point to him here anymore, just to see his stupid, phony liberal front every day, or his foul insults, whenever his true nature and actions are reiterated.

A.P. has never made a false statement here. This perp has never made a true statement here.

It's all here:

We are still waiting for the answers to those questions. They relate to the murder of a great man, and the destruction of the American Democracy and Republic, and to the subsequent perennial war on Mankind.

This creature appears to have had a hand in these horrors! And in subsequent altering the evidence in the murder of the great man.

We don't need to humor such an entity, or to have him here. He's well proven that not a word of truth will ever emanate from him. Only lies, distractions, and vituperations.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good points above.

Can we not join in the rejoicing over the people removing Arlen "Magic Bullet" Specter by also removing "nickname" now too--just in the nick of time?

It'd make a double celebration.

11:02 AM  
Blogger nickname said...

Where is the evidence for your claim
that "intel perps" poisoned you with Mercury?

You first made that claim here what,
three years ago, or was it four years ago?

Where's the proof...or did you lie but pretended it is true?

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey nickname, i remember when you said you were involved in some manipulation of the zapruder film and AP did indeed ask you to explain yourself but to my knowledge you never have - what's up with that?

1:37 PM  
Blogger nickname said...

"ap" - were you being dishonest
when you claimed that "intel perps"
poisoned you with Mercury?

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mr. McWilliams: Did you or did you not, in any way, process, service, or alter the dictabelt assassination recording, in 1963, or at any other time? And if so, where and when did you do this? And why does the D.B. Thomas article not reference you?"

See Doug Horne's recently released
"Inside The ARRB". You might find
helpful info there. Volumes four and five, especially.

"Next crucially how could Mr. McWilliams be at both events--the assassination, and the Hospital “admission”--that were miles apart, yet so near in time. Only the racing Secret Service should have been able to be a part of both events! The article includes: “I heard it all as it happened,” McWilliams says.” So Mr. McWilliams, your complete timeline is absolutely needed here, and we eagerly await your posting this. Or, Mr. McWilliams, were you listening in live to the assassination, at some other location? And just “happened” to be at Parkland a bare few minutes later? If this is the case, a lot of explaining needs to occur, as only the “perpetraitors” would be listening in live-- knowing what was about to unfold, and then knowing where JFK would then be taken.

No comment, except to say that
as we all know, there were lots
of curious things going on that day. Phone lines in Dallas and in D.C. went dead for a few minutes. Like on 9/11 in NYC.

"Your complete timeline of where you were at every moment of 11/22/63."

Privacy issuea. Have some respect.

"The person who apparently is Bill McWilliams, who posts here, and who used to post as Early Wynn, repeatedly proclaims here that all he is doing here is putting out the truth..."

You got that right. Happy now?

"He is often here day after day, sometimes minute after minute, posting his “rebuttals” and "corrections" to what Anonymous Physicist’s research or direct involvement has revealed."

Lord knows, aomeone's gotta do it.

6:47 PM  
Blogger nickname said...

"The newspaper article on Bill McWilliams/The Remastermind was posted at many blogs, and newspapers, around the country. It details that Bill McWilliams worked for Dictaphone for 33 years, and retired in 1989. It states that Mr. McWilliams both heard the assassination, and saw the JFK hospital “admission”, on Nov. 22, 1963, and is currently working with Lawrence Livermore Labs (whose main job for the last 60-odd years has been to manufacture or design nuclear bombs), to “remaster” the dictabelt recording. The Democrat Herald article was written by a reporter (Steve Lathrop) who claims he directly interviewed Mr. McWilliams and his wife, as they live in that area of Oregon. Now there are numerous “facts” in the article that are both incorrect, and are of great historical and legal importance. Again, it was almost certainly Bill McWilliams who himself posted this article here, and he is obligated to provide the truth of these matters herein. The article claims that Mr. McWilliams both heard the assassination, and saw the bringing in of JFK into Parkland Hospital, just minutes after the assassination".

Magic! No, seriously. Lots of oddities that day. Phone lines went dead in Dallas and in D.C. Just like in NYC on 9/11.

"So, Mr. McWilliams: Did you or did you not, in any way, process, service, or alter the dictabelt assassination recording, in 1963, or at any other time? And if so, where and when did you do this? And why does the D.B. Thomas article not reference you?"

See volumes 4 &5 of D. Horne's "Inside the ARRB".

"2. Your complete timeline of where you were at every moment of 11/22/63.

3. Your complete set of interactions with the Motorcycle Cop’s dictabelt recording of the assassination beginning on 11/22/63."

None of your business - nor yours either, Mercury Head.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks 6:47 for putting it to this intel perp.

We see his answers after 2 plus 45 years:

"Lots of oddities that day."

"None of your business."

In other words, no answers still.

People please realize that this intel perp is here solely for the purpose of lying!

He should have been banned a long time ago, for his total dishonesty and distraction-causing and evasive behavior. He has proven himself with his lies here, and RE JFK assassination.

He has even said, in effect, there is nothing of value here for him in Spooked's posts or mine--and has avoided this other question, of

why then is he here if this blog's contents are a joke to him?

Again, anyone else would have banned him for lying, years ago.

And also banned him for probable nefarious deeds regarding the murder of President Kennedy, and the subsequent cover-up.

No one should reply to his daily pseudo-liberal claptrap, except to post this each time:

Note that he still did not answer any of the questions or provide his timeline and locations RE his whereabouts and fucntions on 11/22/63--and he NEVER WILL.


Could it be he fears prosecution for

High Treason
Obstruction of Justice

These are the real reasons he must still lie about the Kennedy Assassination, till his dying day--like E. Howard Hunt.

Though he is now in his 70's, he has to go on with his perennial lies.

1:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two other non-answers from the perp above:

"Read two whole volumes of" jibberish when simple, short answers are what is called for.

But my fave from above is this from him:

"Your complete timeline of where you were at every moment of 11/22/63."

Answer: "Privacy issue."

What a defense in court for charges as outlined above!!!

"Privacy issue" when he supposedly would either be in the street or at his day job. So where really was he, and what was he really doing?

Please forward this to Texas state police and anyone honest in the FBI--if that is possible.

2:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Texas State Police Transcript of Interview of Nickname/Bill M./Early Wynn
after his arrest in Oregon, and transport to Texas, on June 21, 2010, on charges of conspiracy to commit murder, obstruction of justice and high treason:

Q: Tell us all your alias:
A. Privacy Issue.

Q. Tell us concisely your whereabouts on Nov. 22, 1963.
A: Read these two whole volumes of books here: Inside the BLOB! Volumes 4 and 5.

Q: Give us your opinion of what happened on Nov. 22, 1963.
A. Lots of oddities, that day.

Q: Did you partake in killing President Kennedy?
A: Privacy Issues. Have some respect.

Q: Are you, or have you been, involved in altering evidence in the audio/video of the murder of President Kennedy?
What's that, I didn't hear you?
A: That's because you're blocking me man, you mercury head.

Q: Why were you posting daily comments at covertops, if you thought there was nothing of value there?
A: Someone's gotta do it. Lies are truth, war is peace.

Q: How long have you been a covert intel agent?
A: 33... er... I mean none of your business. or er ... national security.

Q: Where can we read your biography?
A: This article here. BTW, it's all lies. But I had nothing to do with it, other than writing it up, and ordering them to print it, as is, without checking--it's America you know. Shit happens.

Q: What do you think of the concept of justice?
A: Lots of oddities.

Q: Why should anyone believe anything you say or write when all you have done is lie? And why shouldn't people believe what the Anonymous Physicist says since virtually everything he has written has panned out?
A: No comment. Happy now? And someone's gotta do it. You got that right.

Q: What do you think the future holds in store for Mankind, since people like you have gotten away with horrific deeds?
A: Back to your regularly scheduled blast of science fiction and numerology.

Q: The People have now waited 47 years for you to account for how you could have seen and/or heard all aspects of the Kennedy Assassination. Tell us now, as you are facing the gas chamber. You are going to be gasssed in 33 days.
A: Back to your regularly scheduled blast of science fiction and numerology.

5:47 AM  
Blogger nickname said...

If you weren't lying about being poisoned with Mercury by "intel goons", why can't you provide any
evidence in support of it?

If you WERE poisoned, has your doctor ever explained how Mercury pickles your brain?

Did he tell you that your condition is permanent?

How do you know you were poisoned
with Mercury? Is it pretty obvious to you too?

Do others here feel it's appropriate for you to play the victim card know, since you were done-in by the "intel perps" and everything?

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Intel filth, A.P. ignores you because you can be sure he has proof, but replying to an entity like you here isn't gonna happen.

You need to be banned from this place--if unfortunately that doesn't happen--you should be ignored by everyone when you post all your stupid lies and distractions, Mr. 33 years at Dictaphone, and witnesser of ALL aspects of the evil deed even though they were miles apart.

So we are still waiting for your historical revelations on your actions during the Kennedy Assassination and the altering of evidence after the fact.

Someone please contact the Texas State Police about this individual, and any FBI agents who are not fellow travelers in fascism, like this bogus "liberal."

10:11 AM  
Blogger nickname said...

I'm beginning to believe that maybe you were a test subject in something far more complex and sinister than merely making it possible for you to come into contact with Mercury.

Have you ever thought about that?

BTW, I know far more about Dallas than you will ever know, and you'll
never find me trying to pedal nonsense like (former asset) Cooper
used so effectively on folks
like you.

12:38 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

For better or worse, I cannot "ban" people here. But can delete some comments and I deleted one I thought was a bit too much. I do prefer that commentators don't engage in back and forth mudslinging and namecalling, and this seems to be getting pointless. Nickname-- you really need to fess up about what you know about JFK and tell us what you really did that day, before we try to engage you anymore.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow dueling double spaced comments!
you guys couldn't be more obvious if you tried.

3:22 PM  
Blogger nickname said...

Thus spake Zaraspooked:

"Nickname-- you really need to fess up about what you know about JFK and tell us what you really did that day, before we try to engage you anymore."

I haven't lied about anything and I haven't said or implied that any commenter here should be arrested and tried for murder -- but your
pet "ap" has, and by your silence,
you have condoned it. Furthermore,
you pet has said that he was poisoned with Mercury by "intel goons (he even tries to smear me with the label "intel filth") - not
a drop of proof has been offered and yet again, by your silence, you
condone his conduct.

Yet, despite his lies and insults,
you continue to publish his science fiction as though it has any credibility...when any fool here can plainly see that his most outrageously dishonest claim is exceeded only by your own conduct in supporting a fraud.

You two are peas from the same pod,
and its high time you grow a pair
of integrity ones that at least appear to be consistent with your
alleged disdain of dishonesty.

3:55 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

3:35 PM  
Blogger nickname said...

Is that supposed to be a response to
"ap's" lie about being poisoned with Mercury by "intel perps from the Evil Regime"?

I thought you were sophisticated enough about intelligence services to
realize that they wouldn't waste
Mercury on trying to silence a harmless, obvious nut case like "ap.

5:33 PM  

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