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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Joran Van Der Sloot: Conspiracy of High Order or Coincidences, in the Alleged Murders He Perpetrated?

... and Related Matters on Latin America and People’s Denial

By The Anonymous Physicist

The media has had a frenzy with Aruban/Dutch citizen Joran Van Der Sloot, age 22. The first frenzy was when he was 17, and American Natalee Holloway, age 18, went missing at the end of her graduation celebration trip to Aruba. Supposedly she went in a car with Joran and the Kalpoe brothers, on May 30, 2005, and was never seen again. Joran would be arrested twice over the next two years in Aruba, and in the Netherlands. Joran’s father was also arrested and held for a few days in Aruba in 2005, for his possible involvement and/or knowledge. Others were also arrested in Aruba initially. Everyone was released and not charged. Insufficient evidence was usually cited. The most recent alleged murder by Joran, in Peru, of Stephany Flores Ramirez is detailed below.

Joran’s father Paulus was a prominent attorney and later substitute judge, or trainee judge, in Aruba. The police chief, at the time of the disappearance and probable murder of Natalee Holloway, was Joran’s godfather, and a close friend of Paulus. Over the next five years, Joran would occasionally be in the news for confessions, retractions, a book he wrote proclaiming his innocence, and being surreptitiously set up and taped by “friends” or TV reporters. Many believe Joran is a “pathological liar.” He also seems to be a severe gambling addict. Often confessing to get some “big bucks.” And later retracting his confessions. He even has said his father buried Natalee or otherwise disposed of the body. He has also claimed he tossed her in the ocean after she had seizures and died. It has been claimed that Joran began having sex at age 14, often with “easy” American tourists, and that he was known to slip girls or women, date rape drugs. And also that his parents facilitated him to have sex either at their home, or getting him a different place of his own, at a young age. Of course, if he were a monster to say his younger brothers, maybe that’s why they wanted him out.

In high school, Joran was supposedly an excellent student and an excellent tennis and soccer player. After the Holloway matter, Joran went to college in the Netherlands, but did not complete his studies. (The Holloway disappearance ended his plans for study at an American college with a scholarship.) After dropping out from the Dutch college, he went to Bangkok, Thailand and studied at a college there, but also did not complete his studies. In Bangkok, Joran bought and ran a deli for a few months before selling it—apparently around the time his father died, in February 2010, at age 57 from a heart attack, while playing tennis. In Bangkok, Joran was secretly videotaped trying to get young Thai hookers to work for him. He was never charged for this alleged “human trafficking.” (Who knows if it is acting or something deeper?) Videos of Joran’s sex trafficking incident in Thailand, and one of his confessions while a passenger in a new “friend’s” car are readily available at youtube. You can also find many videos of the infamous wine tossing incident. The Dutch crime reporter, Peter De Vries, had Joran and his parents on TV, in 2008. After the show ended, and apparently believing the cameras were no longer on, Joran tossed the contents of a glass of wine at De Vries, who was then in much discomfort. His parents didn’t seem to care. His father almost looks like he has a smile on his face? A smirk?

In 2007, Natalee’s mother, Beth Twitty, aka Beth Holloway, began dating none other than John Ramsey—father of the slain six year old JonBenet Ramsey—thought by many to be involved in some capacity in the death of his daughter, and even of another daughter from a previous marriage. JonBenet has been written up as having been given over as a sex slave “trainee” by the billionaire father who has/had deep connections to the highest levels of politics in the USA. JonBenet had been to a pediatrician “33 times” for yeast infections. [Right, how about vaginal trauma.]

Now on or about May 13, Joran left Aruba for Peru, via Columbia. Initial reports have claimed that Joran may have murdered two missing Columbian woman. But other reports state he was not at any Columbian casinos, and never left the airport in Columbia.

The alleged reason for his trip to Lima, Peru was to play at a Poker tournament there. None other than the FBI may have financed Joran’s last gambling spree. Allegedly Joran contacted Beth Holloway’s attorney in March, and told him he would divulge the whereabouts of Natalee’s remains if he got the $250,000 reward to for doing so. The attorney then contacted the FBI who set up a sting operation. They wired and delivered the “down payment” in two amounts ($15,000 and $10,000). Joran was videotaped in Aruba picking up one of those sums. A bit of a scandal has erupted over the issues of who paid that $25,000, that would lead to the death of another innocent young person, and why didn’t the FBI arrest, or try to arrest, Joran before he left for Peru? It has been variously reported that the $25,000 was Beth’s money, and that it was the FBI’s. Not sure we will see the truth of this matter.

As far as not trying to stop Joran at that time—May 10—it begins to sound like the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Recall that the FBI had an undercover Egyptian intel agent (and fake terrorist—are they all?) working for them. The Egyptian bomb expert, asked his FBI controller, if he should switch to an innocuous substance and not use real explosive. But his FBI controller, replied , “Oh no, use the real explosive, we will intercept it all before it would go off.” [Or words to that effect.] To the desperate anti-conspiracy nuts out there—they even made a TV movie depicting this, and the FBI doesn’t deny it—probably because the frightened Egyptian agent went public about it. No one at the FBI was ever charged or indicted over this—obviously orders from the highest levels. This appears to also be similar to the OKC bombing. Experts in that affair also stated that federal agencies were well aware of that before it occurred, and just facilitated it, while warning their agents in the building before the blast. They also had removed Timothy McVeigh’s license plate that led to his arrest. And the alleged other bomber that was shown at the time, and later dropped, is another indication of intel agency involvement and foreknowledge and facilitation. Note that after Joran had allegedly murdered Stephany Flores in Lima, an FBI agent’s sworn statement was used by a federal court in Alabama, to indict Joran, on June 3, for extortion regarding the $25,000 given to him, for information that was false. A house he claimed held her body underneath it, didn’t even exist in 2005.

Joran apparently arrived in Lima on May 14 and proceeded to gamble with his $25,000, and supposedly lost it all by May 30. By that date, he supposedly did not have money to even fly out of there, and had asked several friends and girlfriends to send him money. The problem, of course, is that people close to him knew about his lying and his gambling addiction. No friend apparently wired him money. But proclaimed spoonbender Uri Geller supposedly gave him $600. (or more depending on who you believe) around that time for a planned hypnosis event to get the truth out of Joran. I am not sure if that was to be with or without Joran’s knowledge.

Playing poker, and winning, near Joran, was Peruvian Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramirez, age 21. They were playing at the Atlantic City Casino, which was owned by a friend of Stephany’s father. Stephany’s father is Ricardo Flores, 48, a former president of the Peruvian Automobile Club, and a former race car driver who won the "Caminos del Inca" rally in 1991. He is known as an impresario who brings circuses and foreign entertainers to Peru. He ran for vice president in 2001, and for president five years later on what are being called fringe tickets. The Atlantic City Casino was also about to host the annual Latin American Poker Tour—“the largest poker tournament south of the border.”

It was apparently Joran’s plan to play and win then—June 2-5. The 21 year-old business college student, Stephany Flores, had apparently won money in the last couple of days of her life there, while Joran lost all his “FBI extortion money.” Joran had watched her win for a few days, and they became acquainted. There are differing accounts as to how much money Stephany may have had on her. Part of the problem is the conversion to dollars. She had either won a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars in that last day or two. She also supposedly had $1,000 on her, given to her by her father to buy a laptop computer, one of which Joran had.

Numerous video records have been shown of Joran and Stephany playing at the Casino and of her leaving with Joran, and later entering his room 309, at the Tac Sac Hotel, a short drive away. All in the early morning hours of May 30, 2010. This is the 5-year anniversary of the disappearance and probable murder of Natalee Holloway. (One of Joran’s tales though is that he sold Natalee as a sex-slave to foreigners. But most believe he said that just to get money, and maybe to annoy Beth who has dogged him since her daughter’s disappearance. She even sued Joran and his parents in the U.S., but that was thrown out.)

So in the early morning hours of May 30, Joran and Stephany drive in her jeep from the casino to his hotel, the Tac Sac. Video of her entering behind him has been shown, and a few hours later, video shows him leaving and checking out, with requests to “not disturb his girlfriend” whom he had allegedly just killed. He would later describe that he took/stole her car and first drove to the airport, but chickened out at attempting to fly out of there when he saw soldiers. He got three people to take him in a taxi or van to the Chilean border. He had also apparently dyed his hair.

In Chile, he was apparently on his way to Vina Del Mar. This coastal city is known as a tourist center with casinos, but Joran would later confess and say the taxi drivers took or robbed him of all his money including his expensive watch, after he allegedly told them he just murdered someone! Vina Del Mar is also (in)famous as the place that the American CIA and ONI hatched their assassination and Coup D’Etat plans to overthrow the duly elected Dr. Salvadore Allende, “Marxist” President of Chile on none other than September 11, 1973. The excellent film “Missing” depicts the true story of how a young American journalist, Charles Horman, age 30, was killed by the Chilean military on orders from American intelligence agents, after an American Intel agent bragged, in Vina Del Mar, about what he was involved in doing. This great film, by Costa Gavros, director of one of the greatest films ever made—“Z”, depicts the true story of the father, Ed Horman, going to Chile to find out what happened to his son.

The previously conservative, or even right wing, Ed Horman changes drastically once he learns the real nature of the American regime, He sued everyone from Henry Kissinger to the Ambassador to Chile, Nathaniel Davis. Horman’s suit was thrown out eventually, I believe by the Supreme Court. Later Nathaniel Davis sued the makers of the film, and lost in court. Which means the jury found that the film was accurate. Vina Del Mar likely still is a base for British/American intel operations. (Americans don’t leave, ask the Japanese, Filipinos, and Cubans at Guantanamo.) Why was Joran heading there? Could it be secret society matters that his family, especially the father was involved in? Remember the intel agencies are really outgrowths of the secret societies—basically ”legalizing” their illegal acts and conspiracies against democracies around the world—including in the USA. It is no coincidence that President Kennedy stated that he planned to “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind,” at the same time he warned Americans in his speech against secret societies.
While in Chile, Joran claims he saw a newspaper with his photo and decided to surrender to Chilean authorities. I am not sure what the latter have to say about that. Joran then claimed that Peruvian police killed Stephany and asked not to be sent back there. The Chilean police, on June 3, arrested Joran, and with the help of Interpol, sent Joran back to Lima where he was arrested on June 5. On June 7, Joran confessed to Peruvian police (a branch of the military in Peru). He and his lawyers are later claiming the confession is both forced and false, and he wants to retract it. From the very beginning, Peruvian authorities endangered him and paraded him in public, á la Oswald, but so far nothing has been done to him. He was placed in the Miguel Castro Castro jail, in its solitary unit along with a Colombian alleged hitman/serial murderer. While Joran is almost certainly guilty, everyone deserves the best possible defense.

I would caution people who think that the Peruvian system has to be so much worse than the wonderful American judicial system. I can recall the words of a Dallas, TX District (prosecuting) attorney, in the great documentary, “The Thin Blue Line” by Errol Morris (who later did the “Fog of War” about mass murderer, Robert McNamara). This was about the arrest and conviction of someone in Dallas, when the police and prosecutors knew someone else had killed the policeman in question. It involved District Attorney Henry Wade, of Roe v Wade fame, and a later appeals prosecutor. I recall one of them bragging, as best as I can remember “a good prosecutor gets a guilty man convicted, but a great prosecutor gets an innocent man convicted.” The world’s eyes now are on the Peruvian justice system. Much of it is behind closed doors. But the supposed closed jail system has already let American TV into the Castro Castro jail, even into Joran’s room. It’s indeed a frenzy.

Joran’s confession (which could be mostly lies), and forensic evidence indicate Joran struck her massively in the face and he then strangled her, and then smothered her with a shirt. Reports first claimed that he used a bat, then a tennis racket. He says it was his elbow, after she first hit him on his head. Her brother said he could barely recognize her, but that was three days after she was dead and decomposing. The official cause of death has been listed, by Peruvian Homicide Division, as brain and cranium trauma along with cervical spine trauma or broken neck. There are numerous other injuries shown on her arms, finger, feet and chest. It is not known now if some or all of these were post-mortem, or not. Speculations as to Joran’s motive include: he intended to kill her for the 5-year anniversary celebration of his May 30, 2005 killing of Natalee, he was trying to rape her, he was trying to rob her, or all of the above. Peruvian police have charged him with murder and robbery. Stephany may have resisted whatever he was doing, and Joran is said to have little or no impulse control. If he killed at least two young women, he obviously has no respect for human life. He is also alleged to have killed his family dog, and to have thrown a derelict off a bridge in Aruba when younger. He is also said to have abused his younger brothers.

Professional and amateur psychologists have had a field day in offering diagnoses for Joran’s behavior. These include: spoiled brat, psychopath, sociopath, “sick in the head” [mother Anita’s recent claim] , evil, insane, crazy or ill but not insane, addicted gambler, doper, pothead, alcoholic, sex fiend, serial rapist, serial murderer, having little or no impulse control, innocent, framed kid, sex trafficker, multiple personality disorder (or now called dissociative disorder or such). If there is an Intel or secret society connection, we can add possible sex slave survivor.

His mother, Anita, has recently stated that she was about to have him committed to a mental institution in the Netherlands, when despite his supposed agreement, he fled to Peru with FBI or Holloway money, and maybe delusions of grandeur of winning much money or such. His Facebook page supposedly has him claiming to be an international poker player, playboy type. His confession took place without his own attorney present, and the public defender in the Peruvian system works for the prosecution/state. He has had on again/off again attorneys involved in his current mess. With one saying he quit (at least for a while) due to threats. He is also getting an extensive psychiatric evaluation. Three judges, not a jury, will decide his fate. In their system, there is no death penalty, and the longest possible term, life, is attainable if he is charged with robbery having taken place before the murder. It appears the Peruvian authorities will try for this. If not, 35 years is the longest sentence. He had claimed he was high on drugs, but lab tests did not find that. It has also been alleged that he slipped Stephany a date rape drug, but her labs showed only amphetamines (uppers).

Now for possible conspiracy matters. We already saw Beth Holloway’s dating John Ramsey who has had two of his daughters die mysteriously, and whose behavior from the very beginning is very “wrong.” as depicted here. He is almost certainly involved in secret societies and intel agencies. Beth is lucky she got out of that alive, ending that relationship sometime between 2007 and 2010. Then we have all the 33’s. Stephany and Joran enter his motel officially at 5:33. He supposedly kills her shortly thereafter and flees in her vehicle with license plate number A18-533. His several interactions with Dutch reporter Peter De Vries was cited above. De Vries website lists his phone as 0800 - 333 2 333. The wiki page on Natalee Holloway states that the earlier searches were done to a depth of 330 feet. As always some of these 33's could be coincidences but all of them? I have provided the meaning of the 33 here many times, and Spooked’s blog has his and my work on that at

The possibility of set-up, or at least interference (I am not necessarily saying he didn’t do it) with Joran and Stephany includes the following. The intelligent and multi-lingual Joran is stupid enough to keep the blood stained shirt with him for the full three days until he is arrested. At one point in the video taken just outside his room, he reacts as if he sees that the camera is there for the first time. And some coincidence at that—the camera is right outside his room. Some now think that the FBI and whatever other intel agencies followed him every moment from his Aruban acceptance of the $25,000. If so were they in the room next door, as they are wont to do with someone in their clutches?

So what can we conclude? It sure seems like Joran van der Sloot killed Stephany Flores, perhaps most likely while trying to rob her. And he likely killed Natalee Holloway, over sex, possibly with the father or someone else doing away with the body. On one of Joran’s many confessions he said, a “family friend,” who he could not reveal, took her body away on a boat and ditched it in the ocean. It is interesting that his Dutch name Sloot means ditch. Hitler’s father’s original last name supposedly was Shicklegruber, which means ditch digger or grave digger. With Hitler being the supposed end-result and grandchild of a woman/maid who underwent a so-called satanic rape while she worked for no less than one of the Rothschild’s [translation: red shield of the Pope].Hitler, recall has been outed as a British agent [Book; “Hitler Was A British Agent”] along with many of the top Nazis, such as master exterminator Himmler, and Mussolini and Stalin as well. And Britain’s MI6 is undoubtedly controlled by the Freemasons, and from there to the even more secret societies in Rome, and from there to the ultimate ones who control humanity. But the coincidences here are many—all the 33’s—from the time-line of entry into his room (I originally saw that they said 5:30, not 5:33), the John Ramsey connection, the apparent way that some in Aruba protected him instead of getting a confession from him. Members of secret societies occupy Law Enforcement in most countries, certainly at the federal level, but quite frequently at the local level as well. And intel agents, and secret society “fellows”, who want to ensure that they can get away with things, like Joran likely committed, are dropped into the local police everywhere.

The Dutch “Van Der” class is some sort of “nobility’ but you can buy your way in. So I don’t know if he is of “the bloodline,” or not. Interpol are no angels either. During the German Nazi period, Interpol’s international headquarters was run by the Gestapo and SS. Their main task was to catch escaping Jews. and others. who tried to flee the camps and death. Note that the “international” aspect just cited means the rest of the world was fine with that. Back to Joran, he sure seems like a danger to society, especially women. Some are claiming he may have killed many others. Perhaps more likely he raped many other women, and stole from other people. He is likely to be locked up for a long time, or perhaps more likely to be killed in jail as they say Las Vegas bookies will not even take odds on his survival. Also on the surface, Stephany’s father appears like a saint. He has said he has no interest in vengeance against Joran. He has done numerous American TV shows. Let me ask you. If your young daughter was just brutally murdered, would you do all these interviews, even in a foreign language? Stephany’s father even seems to speak more about Natalee, than his own daughter. Something seems not right here. The mother, to her credit, has refused interviews. The father is supposedly well off, so money can’t be an issue. If it were I, I would tell them, we are in shock and are grieving, get lost! And don’t come back! But he and his son have done so many interviews for American TV, and likely for Peruvian TV and who knows who else. Of course, his renouncing vengeance could be a clever way out if Joran is done away with in jail. So he may be a saintly fellow—despite the saying that “the only saints are the unborn.” John Ramsey is certainly no saint. At least many people see behind his apparent calm.

Ricardo Flores Chipoco has supposedly admitted his long-time friendships with an assorted list of powerful and often evil chartacters. This includes the notorious Vladimiro Montesinos Torres, Rafael Rey, and others. Rafael Rey is the current Peruvian Defense Minister. VM Torres was trained at the infamous US Army School of The Americas, and was Peruvian head (1990-2000) of their national intelligence agency (SIN). It would take a large book to list all his crimes of torture, murder, drug running, treason and such. Rey was at the funeral service for Stephany. Online, Ricardo Flores is listed as a high ranking Freemason, and Lima is open territory for them, as this public “Illuminati parade” shows. Is that a US $ bill on the limo? And what is that sticking out of the pyramids?

Something is very wrong regarding Ricardo Flores’ behavior. Was Stephany sacrificed? Or is everything just noted mere coincidence? Note that she was buried quickly on June 3, which was before Joran was brought to Lima. You will have to make up your own mind.

It is appropriate here to state general matters of American control over Latin America. One matter illustrates this control all too well. This is the matter of Sister Dianna Ortiz . Sometimes when a Govt is involved in torturing and killing millions, it is actually easier to understand that Govt’s true nature by showing what it did to just one person. I recommend you read the book, “The Blindfold's Eyes: My Journey From Torture To Truth” by Sister Dianna Ortiz. This young American Nun was in Guatemala helping poor villagers as directed by her Catholic order. She was kidnapped by the Guatemalan military, and horrifically raped and tortured. Her book describes repeated rape, men and dogs, and cigarettes butts. She later had her cigarette burns counted at 111. She wrote that the worst thing that she can bring herself to state is that at one point she was forced to hold a rope, and if she let it go another woman who also had been repeatedly raped and tortured would die when this object fell on her. Of course, she could only hold it for so long. She also states that there is something else done to her that she can never bring herself to state. The point here is that she has sworn that the entire matter was ordered by an American CIA agent there directing things in English. Sr. Ortiz’ website is here: It details some of how the US Gov’t and media have thwarted her efforts to release “secret “ documents, and have further slandered, threatened and harassed her back in the USA.

Many matters occurring in Central And South America are controlled by American and British intelligence thugs, and as you go higher up the ladder, to the secret societies. All the many coincidences and interactions with certain people indicate the matter of Joran Van Der Sloot is no different, except here that one likely torturer and killer will get his due. There is still an issue of whether certain things may have been done to him as a child. I cannot know. And it is necessary that he be separated from humanity. What people should realize though is his pathological lying and depraved indifference for human life is the norm among the intel agencies and secret societies running the world!

It has been said that “kill a single human being and you are evil, kill several and you are a monster, kill thousands or millions after you started a false-flag operation by killing your own citizens (Reichstag, World Trade Center nuking, etc.), and if you win that war, you will be called a great statesman. To wit, the Nobel Peace Prizes awarded to Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama for being involved in mass torture and bogus wars killing thousands or millions. “Great Statesmen” or mass murderers? And so who should you hate more? A young likely deranged man who appears to have killed two people, or the ones who order the deaths of thousands and millions? The MSM desperately wants humanity to be preoccupied with the Jorans and OJs, and not to think about their “leaders” who are killing thousands or millions. Yes, maybe lock Joran up “forever,” but what about our “leaders,” and all those in intel agencies DAILY running around BOTH overseas and here in the USA, doing what Joran did perhaps twice? Can you imagine if everyone who is perturbed about Joran Van Der Sloot were PROPORTIONALLY angered by what those “super-monsters” in charge are doing? In the very own words of Poppy Bush, “if the People ever found out what we are doing to them they would lynch us in the street.”

Sometimes a mass murdering, mass torturing “President” may also have been a serial murderer! Recall the 1984 Brownsville, TX ritualistic killing of 17 cult-following people. The wealthy George Walker Bush hung out, in dilapidated surroundings, with those “folks,” and was the only survivor. He said he was in too much of a stupor to know what happened. Police suspected him to be the killer, until Poppy Bush intervened. If he had been poor, unconnected, and perhaps especially black, there was more than enough to have tried and convicted him for those murders. The media is so controlled by the intel agencies and secret societies, that most Americans didn’t hear about it, or if they did, denial just came into play.

“Speaking” of just who is “psychotic,“ the psychiatrist, E. Martin Schotz, M.D., wrote the book [read here]: “History Will Not Absolve Us: Orwellian Control, Public Denial, And The Murder of President Kennedy.” In it he, and others before and after him, make the case that with the obvious official lies of the Gov’t commissions, and Gov't involvement in Kennedy’s murder and the cover-up, and that the murderers are in control, and with the subsequent denial, many people are in such a deep state of denial despite the obvious facts that this makes many people effectively psychotic. And that often seems to be the case to those of us who have not shrunk from learning these matters. While, of course, those too frightened, or— according to Dr. Schotz— too psychotic to want to know, merely fantasize that those who do know and state the conspiracies, are the insane ones.

Of course that book itself does not include the ultimate truth of the Kennedy Assassination. I cannot know if this is because it is mis- or disinformation itself, or if the author has his own denial, and limitations. The near totality of conspiracy books, I have long noted, are written by hidden intel agents. Schotz shows Allen Dulles, as his big bad guy, along with some limited reason for the Assassination. This brings me to an interesting point. Is Schotz’ denial and psychotic “break” also evident among people knowledgeable, to a point, on conspiracy? Most people never go to the Ultimate Truth of a conspiracy matter. Is this due to the success of the bogus leaders (intel assets) of the various conspiracy sub-fields? Or is some of it still due to the denial/psychosis aspect just cited?

Oftentimes in the different fields, most conspiracy realizers accept conspiracy limitations, that if carefully examined are often as ludicrous as the regimes “official” nonsense. In the Kennedy Assassination, you can see and hear that Secret Service driver William Greer fired the fatal head shot, and Kennedy’s body is slammed straight back initially, not straight into Jackie, which would be the case if the shot came from the Grassy Knoll. Jackie knows where it came from, and tries to then jump off, even though the car is then going at great speed. Regarding the destruction of the World Trade Center, why do many accept the ludicrous “thermite burns forever” theory when it obviously doesn’t, and is clearly meant to hide the China Syndrome Aftermath of the fission remnants from the micro-nukes used to destroy the WTC generating great heat until they were all recovered and removed? And why do people accept anything from a man who is known to have earlier been inserted to destroy the entire field of Cold Fusion? So he is an obvious intel asset. So are conspiracy realizers in denial of the ultimate truth, if a matter is “bad”? (Nuking vs “thermite”, and Secret Service/Govt vs. lone nut or two.) Or have the intel agents in the conspiracy fields succeeded with their limited hangouts, stopping people from thinking? Certainly even the internet is controlled, and all the popular conspiracy experts are intel agents or assets. So the deeper, more accurate conspiracy facts often do not reach many people.

Finally I note that in 1945, near the camps, the “good German” citizens had to be forcibly brought in to see the bodies remaining despite their previous PSYCHOTIC DENIAL about the nature of the ashes floating over them daily! British and American citizens who are similarly in psychotic denial of their regimes’ actions in their own countries and overseas, will suffer a similar awakening from psychotic denial—likely in the not too distant future.

For now, just know your leaders are Joran Van Der Sloot times a million—or perhaps soon a billion! So if you despise Joran, then…

And if you would talk down to 1940s Germans for not recognizing things and doing “anything and everything” about it—look in the mirror. The first step is getting everyone to see what is in front of their eyes; then it is meaningless, unless action is taken.

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