Humint Events Online: Still More 9/11 Remains Found in Ground Zero Rubble?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Still More 9/11 Remains Found in Ground Zero Rubble?

Just two or so dump trucks filled with never-before sifted debris from Ground Zero have yielded 72 new fragments of human remains in an almost three-month operation that could bring closure to more families of victims of the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center terror attack. Because of the size and condition of some of the remains the NYC Medical Examiner's office told ABC News there was a good chance of obtaining DNA samples that could lead to new IDs once DNA testing is completed. The remains of about 1,000 victims of the almost 3,000 killed at Ground Zero have still not been identified. (snip)
The sifting operation took place at Fresh Kill Landfills in Staten Island, where the new debris was brought and run through a series of conveyor belts that sort debris by size. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, the debris from the site yielded driver's licenses, rings, watches, wallets, shoes -- boxes and boxes of poignant reminders of the cost in human lives. This time, the sorting yielded bone fragments. (snip)
The debris sifted in the current operation came from excavations over the past two years from the following areas in and around Ground Zero including: N.Y. State Route 9A (West Street), Haul Road, Cedar Street, Washington Street, Vesey Street, the rooftop of Fiterman Hall and various subterranean structures, according to a memo written to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg by Deputy Mayor for Operations Edward Skyler on Jan. 28.
There's something wrong with this picture...

First, it's really hard to believe these areas hadn't been cleaned out before-- in the SEVEN YEARS AFTER 2001-- especially rooftops and "subterranean structures". Second, why would human remains be UNDER the streets they indicate (since they needed to excavate)? Is this for real or part of the continuing 9/11 psy-op?

Of course, the bigger issue is the powerful explosive force that generated these sad, small remains of humans: the micro-nukes that blew up the WTC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think perhaps enough people have found out that over 1100 people were completely vaporized, and this helps prove nukes were used--along with the China Syndrome Aftermath, and much other evidence--that they have been collecting DNA of known, people who died in the WTC. (Maybe visited their homes and collected samples--only takes an envelope they licked.) And they can claim the DNA they have "now" came from the vaporized people. Maybe other ways they could have done this too.


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