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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dmitri Khalezov: Another Nuke/No Planer Proponent

I found this link and didn't realize before that Khalezov, along with supporting nukes at the WTC, also supports no-planes at the WTC and TV fakery. There is a decent summary of Khalezov's theories at the link that save a lot of time by not having to watch all the videos.

While I am not going to argue with Khalezov's support of no planes part, his specific nuclear scenario seems to be disinfo, as he talks of ridiculously large nukes (150 kiloton) placed deep underground being sufficient to induce top-down destruction of the towers. He also brings up some bizarre idea that the FBI's theory was that nukes were on the planes, and that the towers were nuked pre-emptively... or something. None of that really hangs together very well.

Khalezov was previously dealt with here by Anonymous Physicist. AP also took on Khalezov's "partner", Daniel Estulin here.

One of the other silly claims made by Khalezov, who is clearly an intel agent, is that the actual nuke blast temperature persisted for a year at Ground Zero, rather than the heat at Ground Zero being generated by the China Syndrome of leftover fissioning bomb fragments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Genghis" was the other disinfo agent who said "no planes," yet nukes were flown into the towers!!!!???

Clearly another intel agent--Aussie/Brit controlled.

Khalezov--alleged Soviet nuclear military/intel agent--also has said that the China Syndrome does not exist, and that Chernobyl did not have a China Syndrome--rather it was nuked by the Americans.

All obvious and stupid lies. It is also easy to find at wikipedia and elsewhere that underground nukes' heat dissipates in hours or so. So clearly, as I have always stated that the PTB have not wanted Metro NY residents to learn that they were nuked and that the China Syndrome resulted.

So they keep sending in agents--this one has a 333 address in Bangkok.

His massive nukes would either have vaporized much of NY State or blown through to the Hudson River and sank NYC.

Clearly he puts out nothing but absurdities and ignorance and impossibilities.

Just like the DEWers he wants to have his idiocy linked to something that is true--to shit on that aspect as well.

To counter that, it is best to NOT focus on the NPT matter (which is what the PTB have wanted), but to focus on the actual nuclear destruction of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath.

Khalezov's obviously being an intel agent/asset only shows how desperate the PTB are to put out such a creature, and it shows again how MI6 controlled and controls all the intel agencies around the world.

Khalezov also has the usual scapegoats--Mossad/Zionists etc. Everything this perp says excuses the U.S. regime--except "nuking Chernobyl" which it didn't do. ANd that was not a nuclear explosion,though it did result in a China Syndrome as fissile fragments were blasted around.

He lies, despite the fact that WTC7 was nuked, and had all the American intel agencies in it, including the NSA. Only those with similar badges--not "Mossad"--could have gotten in there (or WTC 1,2) to plant nukes or anything else. And it means that if there was a Mossad agent anywhere there, it is meaningless because he would have been merely a patsy working for American/British intel.

Just like any Mafiosos in the JFK murder were CIA agents/assets. And the CIA (and the AMerican regime), not the Mafia, is where the focus of that must be.

Khalezov absolves the US regime of its crime on 9/11, and all its other crimes.

Indeed this perp has even said William Greer did not shoot President Kennedy, unlike those who have shown he did:

Bill Cooper
Fred Newcomb
Bo Gritz
Michael Tsarion
Jon Eric Phelps
Anonymous Physicist
Millions of others with Eyes and a Brain

He clearly works for those who control the American regime.

And he puts out almost nothing but very stupid lies, and physical impossibilities.

Like DEW, his stupid, obvious bullshit will not be around much longer. Who produced his expensive set of videos? Who finances him in Bangkok? What perks does he get there?

Judy Wood will have company in the void soon.

Khalezov has the latest lunacy from the intel agencies:

"You can trust me not to be a lying intel agent, because I once was."

11:47 AM  
Blogger joe bick said...

I hear you, have read thousand pages of comments, was suspicious from the first day, 0900 or so, BUT...the man does have a coherent explanation of the missile that hit the P'gon, and some knowledge of the sub, etc..

Like you, and others, I am mostly concerned with truth, not whether it leads to Cheney, whomever. And DK's presentation is "believable." at least, to the average dumb citizen. Granted, he may be trained in dispensing false info. Maybe he was a former CIA! he he


11:56 AM  

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