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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Other Pumpitout Pentagon Witnesses: Keith Wheelhouse

I'm going through these "witnesses" because Hill claims these are totally convincing of the official plane story. I'll go through as many as I can, though some of the interviews are long, with too much irrelevant material.

Keith Wheelhouse-- Says Pentagon plane was in a dive; didn't see direct hit (couldn't have from his position in Arlington cemetery). Says C-130 was VERY close behind AA77 (10 seconds; contradicted by Anthony Tribby who says it was more like a minute after (see first link)). Says he saw AA77 approach for one minute, saw C-130 approach close behind but higher. Curiously, he doesn't say anything about the long circular approach of AA77, which he should have seen if he tracked the plane for that long. Sounds like a stereotypical hick, particularly in the beginning. Seems to be a hard-core right-wing conservative; didn't seem to think 9/11 an inside job was important (!?!?). Thinks bin Laden could have had bombs planted in WTC (yeah right).

From this interview, I learn that Jeff's official job is a "DJ at a bar".

Overall, Wheelhouse is not particularly supportive of the official story, imo. Assuming he's telling the truth, it's not clear that he:
a) couldn't have been fooled by a fly-over
b) could have seen a low-level fly-over


Anonymous Anonymous said...

really dude, pumpitout pentagon witnesses?
any eyewitless can claim anything,
"oh i saw elvis' and bigfoot's love child on the grassy knoll!"
fortunately for 9/11 truthers there are a veritable plethora of photos from 9/11/01 to observe -all of which denounce the official govt fairy tale, regardless of whatever any so-called eyewitless claims.

11:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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