Humint Events Online: August 9th-- Nagasaki Day

Monday, August 09, 2010

August 9th-- Nagasaki Day

By The Anonymous Physicist

On August 9, 1945, an American plane dropped a second nuclear fission bomb on a Japanese city— Nagasaki. American sources have underestimated the massive number of immediate dead as well as later deaths for both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ever since. The dead were primarily women, children and old men, despite ludicrous claims from President Truman (33rd degree Freemason and 33rd President) and others that they were military targets. The two cites had deliberately not been firebombed by the Americans as they had done to most large Japanese cities by then. In the documentary “Fog of War,” then Col. Robert Strange McNamara stated that he, and his then boss, General Curtis Le May knew they would be indicted as war criminals if the U.S. were to lose to Japan.

Officially, some 40,000 civilians died right away, with perhaps several times that many dying in the years and decades to follow. The children of survivors would also suffer from birth defects and a high cancer rate.

Nagasaki is on the 33rd Parallel (rounded up), as I’ve pointed out, while Hiroshima was curiously on the 34th parallel, which I will have more about in another venue shortly. Nagasaki was founded not by any Japanese, but by European Jesuits in the 16th Century. If Jesuits founded your city— BEWARE. You may be in for as much subsequent trouble as you might be in, if the land for the building you work in (see below) was donated by the Rockefellers.

The politics of dropping a second nuke, to vaporize a city and its civilian population so soon after Hiroshima was nuked, and before perhaps the Japanese regime could figure out what happened, was pure evil. Some sources state that the Americans only had two nukes at that time, so the whole arsenal was used. And I have revealed how the Americans that were killed while invading the Japanese islands, to be used as a ruse for “needing” to nuke the two cities, was all planned and unnecessary, as the Japanese had tried to surrender almost a year before Hiroshima. And indeed the Japanese Ambassador on Dec. 7, 1941 gave in to all American demands just before Pearl Harbor, which then led to brand new demands, so as to force the Japanese to carry through with the Pearl Harbor attack.

That is what actually happened, in contradistinction to claims made at the time. Indeed if the Japanese had not “cooperated,” I have no doubt that the Americans would have sunk their own ships, and claimed the Japanese did it, as I am the first to claim that the entire purpose of WWII was to have the events that ended it. All with the Ultimate Truth I have revealed here, of the quarantined sending a message to the Quarantiners. “The human hostages can again be vaporized en masse— let us leave.” Indeed many of President Truman’s top advisers asked or begged that the nukes not be dropped either because it was NOT necessary for winning or because of humanistic thinking or both. But those really in charge of the American regime had their plans.

Wikipedia proclaims that Nagasaki was the “last city in the world to be subject to nuclear attack.” However I believe I have amply proven that the last city to be nuked was this one! As shown here and here is what was done to Nagasaki by the same American lackies working for the monsters in control of the American Regime, and Mankind.

But I say, If you can’t join ‘em, beat ‘em. Especially all you American intel and military personnel that read these articles— do the right thing for the sake of the survival of your own children! If not, your children will likely get the Hiroshima, Nagasaki and World Trade Center treatment. The life you save may be your child’s!

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