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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mark Bingham's CNN 9/11 Memorial Profile Created Before 9/11

Wow, very intriguing-- though not too surprising.

Also intriguing-- is WRH's Mike Rivero the reincarnation of flight 11 passenger John Wenckus?

I *am* surprised that the Let's Roll forum is very active these days. Though somewhat depressing -- perhaps not surprising given the intel control over these matters-- that their demolition threads don't have anything clearly on nuking (e.g.). Could someone please rectify this?

UPDATE: As noted in comments, the Let's Roll forum is not to be trusted, as Jayhan is clearly pushing ludicrous intel-driven theories like that the towers were empty before they were blown up, rather than promoting the more obvious explanation of nuclear demolition.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


If you've read all of the above, maybe you can summarize those pieces with a few sentences?

And what's with J Fetzer having Jayhan on his show and the 2 proclaiming that the towers were hollow.

Is this the latest anti-nuke nonsense? Instead of citing all the missing mass, are they proclaiming there was nothing in the towers before they were nuked?

Did you listen to that Spooked? I have trouble listening to anything from Fetzer since his lies about JFK murder in all his books--basically saying anyone but the driver fired the fatal head shot.



10:25 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

The basic idea of the Bingham finding seems to be that he was a fictitious passenger created before 9/11.

Mike Rivero looks strikingly similar to the flight 11 guy. The idea seems to be that Rivero is intel covering up certain aspects of 9/11, who was also used to create a fictitious plane passenger.

I am not sure what the hollow tower stuff is-- maybe a cover-up for nukes, I don't know. I don't listen to those shows -- typically they are a waste of time-- and further my computer sound system doesn't work, been that way for quite some time.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you.
That Rivero was intel was always obvious.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Well I forced myself to listen to Fetzer interviewing Jayhan and one Larry McDonald--who is he?--on their theory that the towers were empty on 9/11/01.

Interesting that I did not hear them use the word vaporization for what the nukes did which accounts for the missing mass. But I could have dozed off.

Anyway, the beginning was OK, except that what they purport to be deficiencies in the nuke hypothesis were answered even from my first article, years ago.

They cited the outer structure not being turned to dust and all the missing items like thousands of toilet seats and urinals etc.

From the outset I hypothesized that the outer structure was demo'd by conv. explosives probably triggered by the overpressure from the succeeding nukes. And for various reasons, I hypothesized "cleaner nuke(s)" used after "collapse" ended. So that takes care of their total objections. (One reason for this hypothesis of cleaner nukes was to account for the observed "dustification" of the spires after "collapse."

Nonetheless, the interview got more ludicrous and yet predictable as time went on.

First they claimed that the missing steel was not in the rubble pile because much of it was surreptiously removed beforehand!

Later they then said that the missing concrete was accounted for by floors themselves having been surreptiously removed before 9/11!

Later they insinuated that only 3 people died in he towers!

And who is responsible for all this? I think they used the usual scapegoats, though it was hard to stay focused on their detritus after the steel and floors being removed nonsense.

The two went into some "naked, partying Israeli art students." These alleged masterminds partied on a "balcony" on the 91st floor of one of the towers in March 2001, and used a helicopter to take photos of themselves--ring a bell?

They then published a book of these photos--which the 2 interviewees do not have--because it cost $200.--yet they know what was in the book.

Note to Langley, London and Rome: Can't you have your fucking intel assets show some more variability?

Must all your assets have the same stupid hangout as the top of the totem pole? It's so boring and predictable--and gives it all away--except to your mindless anti-semites. They may salivate like Pavlov's dogs, but the rest of us can tell from whence...

Of course, throughout this idiocy, Fetzer just fawns over this "theory" and tries to give it great credibility.
I can recall him doing the same with Judy Wood and her molecular dissociation clouds--which I revealed to be steam emanating when the fission fragments were hosed down with water.

But Fetzer sure does his job well, not laughing etc. when their crap gets more ludicrous.

Of course, at least in Part I, which was 2 hours, they left out all the great heat for up to 6 months in the rubble pile or deep underground. And such things as Prof. Barnett's citing vaporization of steel from "extraordinarily high temperatures."

Instead they seemed to be promoting thermite or other conv. explosive.

I won't be listening to Part II.

So I can see what the Op-Plan was here. First they have 2 of them with ths detritus as ludicrosity needs more than 1 person to proclaim it.Then they out one of their own--Rivero--to try to get credibility. Then their fellow traveler, Fetzer, proclaims their theory has great credibility.

And on the absurdity goes. So this new nonsense is to hide the fact that over a thousand people and the towers other contents were vaporized. They ignore the tests that showed human cells etc. were in the dust samples, and several inches of concrete and other matter was all over lower Manhattan!--as well as the issue of the great heat weeks and months afterwards.

Give it up perps.
The small fission nukes and China Syndrome Aftermath scenario explains what happened.

Anonymous Physicist

What happened and why is all at

4:58 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Thanks for the summary, AP. I feared as much. Of course, Jayhan was always a clown, with his "pod-missile" theory and related silliness. I was hoping maybe he had changed for the better with this Bingham article that was reasonable (someone emailed me about this).

But anyone who--
a) runs a conspiracy forum
b) promotes pure ludicrousness like the towers being empty
c) avoids the idea that the towers were nuked
-- simply is intel, by definition.

And if Fetzer goes along with this, it pretty much proves where Fetzer is coming from.

Funny, I am pretty sure I was the initial person who posted on the missing toilets and urinals at Ground Zero.

Lastly, I don't know who Larry McDonald is.

10:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is more here.

I note that now Jayhan and co. are staunch NPTers. Was he not dead set against NPT years ago??

So I note the same Op-Plan I revealed here 4 years ago: Couple something true, NPT, with something false and evidence-free and absurd.

Before they got their agents to couple NPT with DEW; now the new NPTers are coupling NPT with "empty towers."

So the Op again includes tying NPT to something that is meant to destroy the validity of NPT in the minds of the masses.

Am I correct in that Jayhan was against NPT years ago?

It is fascinating that at the same time the old NPT forums have almost all been ordered to vaporize--these were the ones that tried to couple NPT to DEW originally--while the new NPTers are ordered out, and ordered to couple it with "empty towers."

And if anyone can find out who his new sidekick, Larry McDonald, is--thanks.

One good thing from this is that Fetzer's controllers are proving their idiocy. Perhaps they thought that his "rep" from JFK "research" and books, lends credibility to whatever he says RE 911 truth.

But first his earlier claims that DEW was either proven or had great credibility, and now the same thing with "empty towers" has blow-back.

It shows that his JFK Assassination work must be distrusted for the obvious Op: To hide the simple truth of what happened--SS Agent Greer fired the fatal head shot, which has been visible all along.

I knew what Fetzer was before each of us entered 911truth from one of his books--he literally said anyone but Greer did it, and denounced William Cooper.

So I am glad if more people can see what has always been obvious about Fetzer.


P.S. I have the moniker for these guys:
Empty heads go with "empty towers."

11:39 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

From what I recall, Jayhan was definitely against no planes initially. His big theory at the beginning was that the WTC planes were real but that flight 175 fired a missile before it hit the tower.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't the missile pod thing from Dave von Kleist?

Who was found to be related to top Nazis.

9:05 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Yeah, I think the plane-missile thing initially was from von Kleist in that "In Plane Site" movie (which I never saw-- heard it was bad)

5:14 PM  

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