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Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Social Network"

Saw the Facebook-Zuckerberg movie last night. Definitely a fascinating story that was very well acted and directed. Had a surprising amount of debauchery-- constant beer drinking and womanizing. Overall, it rang very true, and in that way, was somewhat depressing in various ways. What's incredible is the total massive phenomenon that Facebook has become, and the amount of wealth it has generated-- and the undoubted intel connections it has. The movie centers around a lawsuit that was over who originated the idea of Facebook, with the main plaintiffs accusing Zuckerberg of stealing the idea from them.

Not surprisingly, I noted at least two 33's-- one a mention of a 335 year old doorknob (kind of a contextually odd reference), and the other was mentioning of stock shares going to Eduardo Saverin of 1 million something and 33.


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