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Monday, October 25, 2010

The True Horror of What the US Did in Iraq Must Never Be Forgotten

Most shockingly, the documents allegedly show that US troops abused prisoners for years even after the Abu Ghraib scandal and that the US ignored systemic abuse, rape and even murder by Iraqi police and soldiers, according to several news reports.

In one of the most devastating reports, a US Apache helicopter engaged insurgents involved in a mortar attack upon coalition forces near Baghdad. After firing a series of 30mm rounds, the helicopter's crew (with the callsign "Crazyhorse") radioed to their command, explaining that the insurgents "wanted to surrender." The response was stark: "CRAZYHORSE cleared to engage ... Lawyer stated they cannot surrender to aircraft."

The Apache crew killed the men...
On top of the hundreds of thousands of civilians who died after the invasion, we tortured extensively, even after it became public, allowed the Iraqis to do more torture, and to top it off killed enemy troops who had surrendered. USA, FUCK YEAH!

These are WAR CRIMES -- that the UN wants to prosecute if the US doesn't.

Glenn Greenwald has much more, including why the fucking NYTimes and WashPost are complicit in the WAR CRIMES.

Finally, as usual, right-wing propagandists are totally fucked up about the war-- they are sick dicks.

All this being said, the "controversial" Lancet survey of at least 600,000 Iraq deaths does give me pause for the high number of 33's as shown on the wiki page describing the survey. In particular, there are two salient 33's that suggest something funny in the study. First, the author of the study divided Iraq into 33 regions for the study. That is way fishy. Then the key result of the survey is 13.3 (contains a form of 33) mortality rate per 1,000 population per year after the invasion. Overall, I'm not questioning the results of the survey-- it seems quite believable given the horror of post-invasion Iraq-- but it's not clear what the 33 means. It may mean the PTB are taking pride in their handiwork, I suppose.

And no matter what the actual death toll was, it is clear that shocking numbers of innocent people died, needlessly, in the war-- because of the US. The shame is very real here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. Wikileaks job is to hold back vastly more and worse than what it releases.

2. The radioactive stuff used will be killing and deforming innocent people there for a long time to come.

And yes, every American and Brit is to blame for not trying to destroy these 2 mass-murdering regimes.

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still feel Wikileaks is a psy op front. That would explain the 33s. After all, is any of this info about torture, bombing, etc particularly shocking? Really?

What Wikileaks HAS released is "evidence' that Iran supplied Iraqi insurgents. Can we build a pretext for war here on behalf of Israel? Wikileaks will show us how. Even liberals will be calling for invasion.

Sorry, I don't buy Wikileaks as pure and decent. If they really were, Bradley Manning would be dead, not in prison.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the other PsyOp from the obvious intel asset(s) is that what the USA has done on its own, must desperately have a moronic attempt to insert Israel into it, when Israel has never done anything in its existence that wasn't under the orders of its masters in London and Rome.

4:17 PM  

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