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Friday, December 03, 2010

Deep Thought of the Day

There isn't much difference between a Republican president and a Democratic president, and the executive branches of the two types of presidents, policy-wise.

There can be major differences between a Republican US Senator and a Democratic US Senator, with obviously a range in between.

Importantly, there can be HUGE differences between a Republican US Congressional Representative and a Democratic US Congressional Representative. Same for Governors and state officials.

So, saying there are no differences between Republicans and Democrats is a big over-simplification.

But, the more power there is in office, the more the line gets blurred between the parties, and the more the person in office gets corrupted (and more psychopathic). And with our system, the only way a President can get elected is if they walk a bit of a line between Republican and Democrat. Which is why hard-core partisans will invariably be disappointed by presidents-- either from their party or the other party.

Although, from the point of view of 9/11, this is neither here nor there-- psychopathic bastards still rule our world.


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