Humint Events Online: Church and Murray Madness: Police Tape Up Before First Hit

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Church and Murray Madness: Police Tape Up Before First Hit

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This montage was made by Jack White, but I have cropped it to highlight something different than what he wanted to show.

I believe that something important is shown here. That is, that the corner with the scaffolding, where the engine from UA175 "landed", had police tape around it, including tape around a wastebasket (see picture 4, lower right).

Note then, picture 2 (upper right), which is a still from the Naudet movie, depicting a pedestrian reacting to the FIRST HIT! Read this as confirmation for that amazing fact.

This very simply shows how the Church and Murray corner was set-up PRIOR to the "plane hits". The engine was likely there BEFORE the hit, under a tarp, under the canopy. Which explains how the engine ended up UNDER the canopy. (Unfortunately, the resolution in the Naudet still is not good enough to see if there was some object where the engine ended up at this moment before the first hit)

IMPORTANTLY -- there is no earthly reason why this corner would have crime scene tape BEFORE the attack, unless it had been set-up ahead of time as part of the scam.

It's also worth recalling this:
Lt. Larocco also stated that hours after both towers were destroyed:
“…I still really didn't believe that the second tower was hit by a second plane.”
At this point, the interviewer, Monte Feiler, says, “Stopping the interview at 1306.” Then, “Resuming the tape at 1308 hours. Same people present.”

Now Lt. Larocco says: “
Like I said, the rumors were flying around, and they turned out to be quite factual, about the second tower getting hit. Although at the time I really didn't believe it until I saw it later on television. The thing about the Pentagon, the plane crashing out in Pennsylvania, it was all coming into the picture that this is something major going on.”
So we see how something happened during this “time out.” Something he was told and recalling what was “on TV” apparently made him change his mind and believe in the second “plane hit.” This manipulation speaks for itself. And if there really were plane hits, would the PTB need to perform such blatent manipulations of eyewitness testimony?


My interpretation of EMT Frank Puma’s deposition here indicates that he may have witnessed a FLYBY, and not a “plane impact” regarding the alleged “second hit.” He said:
“…I ran down to the corner of Church and Park Place, looked up and I saw the plane shooting out of the top of the towers. That's when I grabbed for my radio and yelled over the air, "1 Adam. A bomb just went off in the Trade Center."...
Note that after he witnessed an apparent flyby, HE CALLED IN A BOMB, and NOT a plane impact! In fact, when you couple his statement to the interviewer, with his action of exactly what he called in, it seems clear that he believed the plane he saw bombed the WTC! And this must be considered a possibility. However, all the evidence and the ludicrous “plane-shaped” hole itself indicate shape charges, at that facade, were set off in sync with a flyby (and basement nukes).


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