Humint Events Online: Hosni Mubarak, Scumbucket

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hosni Mubarak, Scumbucket

President Mubarak’s stash is worth 40 billion dollars as his personal worth or what he stole from the Egyptian people has risen to epic proportions. Mubarak’s name can be added to the names of wealthy dictators throughout the world that most likely received the aide from the United States in their attempt to affect influence in foreign country politics. The policy does not seem to be very successful at this time since the dictators are basically leaving their country penniless and stealing the money for themselves. The leader of Afghanistan is another example of a man who is taking the bribes from the US and amassing his own wealth while his country starves for help.

The overthrow of his 30 years of a dictatorship regime and the military taking over his corrupt government today January 28, 2011 has army tanks fighting back protesters but actually many sympathize with the protesters.
Yeah, but see it was worth it-- because he was nice to Israel!!!!


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