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Monday, January 03, 2011

The Real Problem Is...

that there are too many fucked up things and too many things to be outraged about:
9/11 and other covert operations to defraud Americans

overt war lies

endless killing in endless wars, including the slaughter of innocents

illegal spying by the government

torture/war crimes/abdication of justice

global warming and denial

corrupt politicians

massive banking scams

tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy

the BP gulf disaster

the corporate media

big pharma scams

vaccination scams

GMO crops and Frankenfoods

big business taking advantage of society and abusing the environment

the unfair US healthcare system and the weak reforms enacted by the Obama administration

endless attempts to cut Social Security and social safety net programs

the massive Federal deficit

lies about the Moon landings and extra-terrestrials and the quarantine of earth

While many of these issues are inter-related, overall there are too many different problems for Americans to deal with, to organize around. This creates the proverbial tower of Babel for disaffected Americans. How can any one cause get enough attention?

Not to mention there are all the competing "news" stories generated by the media-- immigration scares, bogus right-wing scares such as communism/socialism and trumped up left/right controversies. Then there are all the multitude of diversions in our society-- sports, religion, entertainment, video games, music, the internet, etc

The only possible way to overcome all this would be a full-on revolution, toppling all the elites. But how to even organize this in the first place? The only common theme is the corruption of those in power, but is this enough to resonate for enough people?


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