Humint Events Online: Wikileaks Already Did 9/11

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wikileaks Already Did 9/11

It's funny to think-- something I totally forgot, down the memory hole-- that wikileaks actually first made a splash by releasing 500,000 pager transcripts from 9/11. There were a some interesting tidbits there, first reports that radically diverged from the official story, but nothing that really changed the by-now carved in stone official 9/11 story that must never be questioned.

I don't see that I ever posted anything here on the blog on the pager transcripts; maybe that is why I forgot about it. I remember looking them over, but not seeing anything new worth posting (or I got distracted?). Certainly, there is no doubt that witnesses to 9/11 reported a lot of things early on that diverged from the official story-- until the fix came in.


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