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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

IMF Banker Strauss-Kahn Rape Charges

The guy may well be a creep, but since when does someone just decide to rape a maid who has come in to clean a room?

According to New York Police Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne, a 32-year-old woman told police officers that she entered Strauss-Kahn's suite at the luxury Sofitel hotel not far from Manhattan's Times Square at about 1 p.m. Eastern time (16:00 GMT) Saturday and he attacked her. She said she had been told to clean the spacious $3,000-a-night suite, which she had been told was empty.

According to the woman’s account, Strauss-Kahn emerged from the bathroom naked, chased her down a hallway and pulled her into a bedroom, where he began to sexually assault her. She said she fought him off, then he dragged her into the bathroom, where he forced her to perform oral sex on him and tried to remove her underwear. The woman was able to escape, telling hotel staff what had happened, authorities said.

When detectives arrived moments later, Strauss-Kahn had already left the hotel, leaving behind his mobile phone, Browne said. "It looked like he got out of there in a hurry," he said.

One possibility is that Strauss-Kahn was set-up-- he may have called a prostitute, but someone who wanted him in trouble called in the maid, who would resist his advances and charge rape... Some interesting details with some discrepancies:
NEW YORK (AFP) – No one disputes that at around midday Saturday, Dominique Strauss-Kahn left his posh Manhattan hotel in a hurry. But why -- to flee a crime scene, or just to grab some lunch?

Those starkly different possibilities illustrate the dispute taking shape between prosecutors and high-profile defense lawyers for Strauss-Kahn, the French politician and International Monetary Fund chief accused of attempting to rape a hotel maid.

At a bail hearing on Monday, Strauss-Kahn's attorney Benjamin Brafman gave a glimpse of his future trial strategy when he ridiculed "inaccuracies" in the official timeline of the alleged rape attempt and flight.

According to police and prosecutors, Strauss-Kahn was in his luxury hotel suite on the 28th floor of the Sofitel near Times Square when a chambermaid entered and, to her horror, found herself being sexually assaulted by a naked man.

Initially, police said this happened at around 1:30 pm, but authorities now say it was closer to 12:00 pm.

Next, prosecutors say, the white-haired Strauss-Kahn -- until now considered a serious contender for the French presidency -- fled to JFK Airport, and boarded an Air France plane. He was 10 minutes from take-off and getting beyond reach of US law when police removed him from his first class seat.

Prosecutor John McConnell told the court that video footage shows Strauss-Kahn looking like "a man who was in a hurry." And on the basis of that timeline, Judge Melissa Jackson denied bail to a suspect who might flee.

But Brafman came up with a startling alternative to the official scenario.

"The reason he was rushing is because he had a luncheon appointment," said Brafman, a renowned courtroom performer who has previously represented Michael Jackson and hip hop mogul Jay-Z.

Promising to produce that lunch partner to corroborate the alibi, Brafman then fired another shot: the Air France flight was booked long before and had nothing in common with a sudden attempt to escape, he said.

"The theory he ran out of the hotel and ran to the airport, running away, is simply not true."

And if Strauss-Kahn showed no sign of being in a panic or attempting to flee after noon, then that was "inconsistent with logic and consciousness of guilt," Brafman said.

UPDATE: This piece from Infowars supports my idea, and gives a reason why he would have been set-up:
Strauss-Kahn was the first IMF director in my lifetime, if memory serves, who disavowed the traditional IMF policy of imposing on the poor and ordinary people the cost of bailing out Wall Street and the Western banks. Strauss-Kahn said that regulation had to be reimposed on the greed-driven, fraud-prone financial sector, which, unregulated, destroyed the lives of ordinary people. Strauss-Kahn listened to Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz, one of a handful of economists who has a social conscience.

Perhaps the most dangerous black mark in Strauss-Kahn’s book is that he was far ahead of America’s French puppet, President Sarkozy, in the upcoming French elections. Strauss-Kahn simply had to be eliminated.

The Daily Mail reports that Strauss-Kahn’s suspicions are supported by the fact that the first person to break the news of Strauss-Kahn’s arrest was an activist in Mr Sarkozy’s UMP party – who apparently knew about the scandal before it happened. Jonathan Pinet, a politics student, tweeted the news just before the New York Police Department made it public, although he said that he simply had a ‘friend’ working at the Sofitel where the attack was said to have happened. The first person to re-tweet Mr Pinet was Arnaud Dassier, a spin doctor who had previously publicised details of multi-millionaire Strauss-Kahn’s luxurious lifestyle in a bid to dent his left wing credentials.

Strauss-Kahn could just as easily been set up by rivals inside the IMF, as well as by rivals within the French political establishment.

Michelle Sabban, a senior councillor for the greater Paris region and a Strauss-Kahn loyalist said: ‘I am convinced it is an international conspiracy.’

She added: ‘It’s the IMF they wanted to decapitate, not so much the Socialist primary candidate.

‘It’s not like him. Everyone knows that his weakness is seduction, women. That’s how they got him.’ (snip)

Michelle Sabban is on to something when she says the IMF was the target. Strauss-Kahn is the first IMF director who is not lined up on the side of the rich against the poor. Strauss-Kahn’s suspicions were of Sarkozy, but Wall Street and the US government also had strong reasons to eliminate him. Wall Street is terrified by the prospect of regulation, and Washington was embarrassed by the recent IMF report that China’s economy would surpass the US economy within five years. An international conspiracy is not out of the question.

Indeed, the plot is unfolding as a conspiracy. Authorities have produced a French woman who claims she was a near rape victim of Strauss-Kahn a decade ago. It would be interesting to know whether this allegation is the result of a threat or a bribe. As in the case of Julian Assange, there are now two women to accuse Strauss-Kahn. Once the prosecutors get the odds of two females against one male, they win in the media.

Another take here from Gordon Duff-- if the guy was really pushing a "new world currency", then that is disturbing in its own right, but doesn't explain why the elites would set him up.

This piece says he was a user of prostitutes
. This piece says the woman might have AIDS. More details here.

UPDATE 5/22/11-- I think the important thing here is that if the PTB had wanted DSK in power, this would have been covered up. Someone wanted him OUT.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

if he did indeed order up a prostitute who was then substituted with the maid then that will be his legal defense. one report i read stated that he forced the maid to perform oral sex, after which she "spit his semen onto the floor" which was later collected as evidence.

the maid is young and strong (working gal) and he is an old man. how does an old man force someone to perform oral sex on him? if she was really raped in that manner i would think that she would bite his cock off. i think that is what i would do, but i have never been put in that position.

other women have also come forward and claimed that he had sexually assaulted them as well.
if this was a staged trap to get rid of him then it seems like it was very well done. wait and see who replaces him as chief of the IMF, if it was a set-up then that would be the likely culprit - like bush sr. with the attempted reagan assassination.

4:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least the woman's age was 32, not 33!

9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If someone were going to set a honey-trap for DSK, why would they use a 32 year old black woman in ill health? And high-end hotels only allow their most senior people to clean the top suites, to reduce the risk of theft which would harm the hotel's reputation. So this woman has obviously been employed by the hotel for a long time. It's not like some hottie strolls into the hotel's service area, steals a maid's uniform, then walks into DSK's suite without a security pass; that sort of thing only happens in the movies.

10:22 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Do we know she was in ill-health? She may have been HIV positive but hard to believe she was working if she was sick.

All I know is that this rape scenario doesn't make much sense.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wiki has this:

"She alleged that Strauss-Kahn came out of his bathroom naked, ran after her, attempted to forcibly have intercourse with her, and forced her to submit to anal sex and to perform oral sex.."

Discrepancies abound.

Or emissions--anal.

9:55 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

According to this NYTimes piece, sexual attacks on hotel maids are not uncommon:

Though, it is still bizarre behavior for someone running for office.

Of course, there were allegations of Clinton raping women... but I don't think it happened right before running for president...

11:34 AM  

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