Humint Events Online: Top Twelve Reasons to Doubt the Official bin Laden Death Story

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Top Twelve Reasons to Doubt the Official bin Laden Death Story

12. evidence definitively linking bin Laden to the 9/11 plot has never been produced (yes, "he" later took credit for it though he initially denied it); bin Laden was never even formally charged with 9/11; bin Laden's reputation was undoubtedly manufactured by the CIA; many sources say bin Laden was a CIA asset

11. bin Laden was not hidden in some obscure cave or valley but was living in a Pakistan military town, near their premiere military academy

10. Burial of the body at sea, supposedly to keep jihadists from building as shrine at his grave, despite an earlier request that Saudis take the body.

9. No release of corpse photos-- any photos would undoubtedly have been leaked out by now

8. Photos that have been released were quickly identified as either being photoshopped (the fake corpse photo) or staged (the fake war room shot of the Obama camp allegedly watching the raid).

7. The Navy Seal team that allegedly conducted the raid have been shielded from public view.

6. The government has had to admit that initial claims about Osama being armed and using human shields were lies.

5. We allegedly flew a convoy of military helicopters into Pakistan, all but flying over the country's top military academy and military headquarters, proceeded to then crash one of the helicopters, but Pakistan didn't even know we were there until we told them after the fact!

4. Osama bin Laden was old, sickly, unarmed and some of America's most highly-trained fighting men couldn't capture him alive?

3. The CIA had set up shop very close to bin Laden's house, likely guarding him.

2. Multiple previous reports of bin Laden dying previous to this incident, and the likely existence of bin Laden doubles used to make recent al Qaeda videos

1. The official 9/11 story was a massive lie, and the bin Laden story comes from the same types of people in the highest levels of the US government

Bonus reasons: 13) Neighbors say they doubt bin Laden really lived there, they never had a clue. 14) A video (see post above) purported to be bin Laden and released by the US govt is apparently not him.

Other signs of a psy-op in this: Obama's announcement pre-empted Trump's TV show; several TV news chirons and announcers mixed up Osama and Obama, saying Obama had been killed.

New conspiracy limited hangout for bin Laden's death-- he was really taken alive, and is being held in a secret base, undergoing debriefing (and torture?)

The probable real truth-- the whole death thing was a hoax to distract people away from the serious nagging problems of Obama's presidency

Funny factoid: Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler both declared dead on May 1

Link roundup--

The US-Pakistan conflict is all a show-- Osama bin Laden mission agreed in secret 10 years ago by US and Pakistan. US forces were given permission to conduct unilateral raid inside Pakistan if they knew where Bin Laden was hiding, officials say.

Great version of the official story, including the now iconic photo:

Heavy duty propaganda: "Data Show Bin Laden Plots; C.I.A. Hid Near Raided House"

In bin Laden killing, media -- as usual -- regurgitates false Government claims


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