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Monday, October 10, 2011

Ace Baker's "9/11 -- The Great American Psy-Opera"

So, out of curiosity, I have plunked down $1.99 each for the first four chapters. So, production-wise, it is first-rate. I'm not clear if Baker made this this entirely himself or what. The music I can see, but there are some very complex and impressive graphics-- not clear if he did this all himself or what.

So, as the title indicates, it IS an opera, where each chapter has a song or two from Baker. They are really good pieces, and tie into the plot, so I have no problem with that. It's quite a clever concept.

The "Phenomenon" chapter is good in making the case for nuclear demolition of the towers. IMO, though, it has too much Judy Wood in it, and it should mention Anonymous Physicist at least for describing the China Syndrome. Baker has a nice addition to the China Syndrome evidence, where there were strange holes in the bedrock RIGHT BELOW where the South Tower was, with weird molten-like rock. I hadn't quite made the perfect China Syndrome connection before, though I had posted the story here. But basically this phenomenon is perfectly consistent with the China Syndrome of fissioning fragments continuing to produce high heat well after the demolition. And striking how they are filling the hole with concrete now.

Anyway, back to "Psy-Opera". Only four chapters are complete right now. These are the pay ones. A fifth chapter is on Youtube:

(Somewhat disturbingly, with this video, Baker aka "Collin Alexander" has 33 videos on Youtube right now. Let's see if that changes soon. If he stays at 33 for more than a few months, then you know what that means.)

Overall, the movie is worth a look, if you don't mind shelling out $2 per chapter. The chapters are about 45 minutes each, so not bad in terms of content to dollars.

My understanding is that Baker had the whole movie made, then supposedly had a catastrophic computer crash which wiped out most of the film. So he's had to re-create the whole thing. Overall, I am impressed with what he's put together.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this phony fuck actually even mentions Judy Wood but once, it should be clear to all that he continues to be an intel fraud.

Let alone not mentioning the only honest original proponent of the China Syndrome--Anonymous Physicist. So this creature does not mention me, naturally.

I made clear 5-6 years ago, Wood's whole Op-Plan was to try to HIDE the China Syndrome and the nuking of the WTC with her stupid DEW gibberish.

I recall Baker showing that he had the same intel controller by continuing to cite "molecular dissociation clouds" long after I showed what that intel crap was about!

So these 2 intel perps are still working in tandem, and are only serving to try to destroy the 9/11 nuke and China Syndrome work I did.

Honest people should continually be referred to get my books here:


2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And no honest person should give 2 cents to Baker or Wood.

And as far as the free video above, only one new piece of info was derived here.

I said from the outset that the so-called Qui Tam lawsuit was more intel crap at the time. And would lead nowhere--just another distraction by the intel agents involved in that.

In the vid above, we have atty, Jerry Leapheart say on camera, that he had previously

"represented oil companies [or interests] in 3rd World countries."

Translation: He is another creature of the intel agencies/secret societes.

Surprise. Not.


2:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What About Liberty -

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The hostility and suspicion expressed towards Baker at the major (or should I say only) no planes/hollow towers/few victims) websites is both extreme and bitter, Spooked.

Maybe there's a good reason...
other than envy of his "slickness".

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Why on earth do you call me a fraud? For crying out loud, I agree with you on nukes, and I've done my best to present the correct evidence, in as compelling a way as I am able.

-Ace Baker

9:55 PM  
Anonymous muebles en navarra said...

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8:09 AM  
Blogger Mike Philbin said...

'Ace Baker' doesn't 'support' Judy Wood, in fact he DISMISSES hers and Jones's inclusion in the 9/11 mop-up Story.

About the China Syndrome NUKED WTC, you'all need to research Russian nuclear chief Dmitri Khalezov, buried in the rock of WTC 150 kt nuke 72 meters down.

Look at all the holes in Area 51 that are because of Underground Nuclear Tests ... and nuke demolition has been tested for.

2:49 AM  

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