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Monday, November 28, 2011

RIP John Fitzgerald Kennedy—The Last President of the United States

By The Anonymous Physicist

This past week was the 48th anniversary of the American regime’s murder of President Kennedy. As Spooked was away, please forgive this post being a few days late.

On the anniversary that they took YOU, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, from all of us,


YOU abrogated American hegemony over the world with your remarkable June 1963 “Peace Speech.” Perhaps the greatest speech ever by an American President.
[Now they give Nobel Peace Prizes to a CIA NOC who promises perennial war.]

YOU refused to go to war in Vietnam, Laos, Cuba. YOU refused to do the pre-emptive “big one” they wanted also. YOU swore “after re-election, I will smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind.” You also took on the Federal Reserve and issued “US Notes”.

YOU told the country that the secret societies controlled the country and the world within your first months in office. Do the ignoramuses dare call YOU a “conspiracy “theorist” or “nutjob”?

YOU were dedicated to improving all Americans’ lives, not destroying the poor and middle class and making the very wealthy even wealthier.

And YOU did so much more. All the while they lie about you and what you were doing.

And for all this good YOU did or tried to do, YOU were murdered by your own supposed protector.

The above gif is one of the best versions of the Zapruder film, ALL of which have been altered in many ways. But the alterations were primitive in those days. These alterations include missing frames, such as immediately after SS Agent Greer kills Kennedy frames are missing that contained gun exhaust, the film is a dupe of itself—which was made to give the illusion of constant motion, when all eyewitnesses said Greer brought the limo to a virtual standstill. And numerous things are painted in, in some frames of the Z film. This includes: “the extra hands of Greer”, the blood splatter of impact, and the missing back of Kennedy’s head after the fatal shot. There is also doctoring regarding Kellerman’s head to hide part of the gun in Greer’s hand. But you can see in this gif video as the gun is brought up in Greer’s left hand and held near his right temple before firing.

Jackie Kennedy defamed Connally for all time as being involved in JFK murder when she said that he cried out, "My God they're trying to kill us all, [instead of just Kennedy]. Earlier in the Z film, you can see Jackie looking to Connally for assistance as Connally had turned to stare at the intended victim. Connally’s exclamation makes clear that he was pissed that he too was shot, as he likely was assured this would not happen. Indeed at the hotel the night before, there was an infamous shouting incident with Kennedy and Johnson as Johnson wanted Connally to be exchanged with Senator Yarborough in the next limo; and this demand was not granted by JFK.

This video has the following motorcycle cop’s Dictaphone belt recording added to the Z film video.

Again at youtube, many are posting versions of this with the correct synchronization deliberately altered so as NOT to coincide with the actual firing of Greer’s gun killing Kennedy. Also listen for the shot and see the timing that Greer had turned earlier and accidentally shot Connally. Gov Connally— who was LBJ’s crony and was in on it— but was told sharpshooters would not hit him. When he gets shot by Greer, he turns to look at Greer reflexively, and then he and his wife duck down to give Greer line of sight to finish the job.

For showing this video, and detailing that SS Agent Greer shot Connally and Killed President Kennedy, nearly two decades ago in public, I was subsequently brutally assaulted and later poisoned with mercury.

Now many of us know the truth of the Govt’s murder of John Kennedy, and will never rest until justice for you is attained, or until we too are gone.

For YOU, John Kennedy, were one of the very few leaders who was not owned and controlled by the very worst elements on our planet.

With profound sadness— for YOU also were the young father of two young children, when your “protector” splattered your brains onto your wife’s face in public, and they took half your life span,

I say to YOU:

RIP, great man of peace, great patriot, great human being, for YOU took them all on, knowing what they would likely do to you.

For YOU were and may always be…

The Last President of the United States.

And perhaps also the closest our species has ever had to being a true savior of our species, from those in control.


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