Humint Events Online: Is It Just Me, or Is It Almost Impossible to Find Good 9/11 Stuff These Days?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is It Just Me, or Is It Almost Impossible to Find Good 9/11 Stuff These Days?

Anonymous Physicist isn't active. 911 Blogger is even more boring than usual, as if that were even possible. The DU 9/11 site is no longer supported and is now some "creative speculation" bs group, and I was banned anyway. Killtown isn't doing anything, Ace Baker's psy-opera site is down, Judy Wood is not doing anything new. I'm not even getting any mass emails from the likes of Webfairy, NicoHaupt, Morgan Reynolds, Jon Lear, Ron Weick, and the likes... the worst now someone has spammed my email account and Marcus Icke's and apparently Steven Jones Hard Evidence account; they are sending out crap so I'm getting tons of bouncebacks. Simon Shack's forum is pretty much boring/unreadable; Pumpitout is taken over by shills. Never did much with Above Top Secret or other group sites, but even those places, nothing new. Citizen's Investigation Team forum-- dead.

What the hell happened with that big Toronto 9/11 conference? Anything?

I know it's 10 years ago, but still... fucking horrible evil inside job.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh dude didn't you get the memo?
9/11 is so last decade ago!

3:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know anyone in China who can track down the radioactive steel from the WTC? (Thinking about those radioactive towel holders that got into the US from India)

There's nothing else left to reveal unless you think they left any of the mini nuke planters alive by mistake.

Unless; I suppose there's always remote viewing to explore.

3:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think everyone has lost sight of the simple truth: The OCT has been proved to be a lie.

Many intelligent individuals chose to concentrate their investigations of the events of the day on differing perspectives or components of the OCT and each and every robust analysis consistently proved the OCT to be a lie.

Every serious analysis also led those serious investigators to form a number of different theories about why and how it was done.

The sticking point amongst those investigators/analysts etc is that they cannot reach agreement about the motives and methods behind the destruction of the WTC because there are too many plausible scenarios.

It's the six blind men and the elephant story all over again - all are partially correct but no-one is totally correct. (Get ego out of the way and agreement on commonalities becomes possible)

The second sticking point is that most of the populace has adopted a head in the sand attitude about the truth of the WTC destruction because the ramifications of knowing that they were deliberately misled by those to whom they gave power over their lives is too frightening to contemplate.

Here's a nice simple refresher about simple perspectives of the WTC destruction.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Andy Tyme said...

You didn't mention/diss Phil Jayhan's Let'sRollForums.

Does this mean you are unfamiliar with his team's huge cache of research which makes a compelling case for 9/11 being a complex intel-agency fraud involving fake planes, fake passengers, fake WTC tenants, fake firemen, fake news coverage, fake witnesses, etc.?

And why do you say Phil's ban-happy rival's forum is "unreadable"?

Did you ever actually download and read the amazing and un-debunkable VICSIM REPORT?

C'mon Spooked, the game isn't even at halftime yet!

9:01 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Right thanks. I forgot to check out Jayhan's forum... though I have been there before. One reason I posted this was to get some ideas where things were happening. I have downloaded the vicsim report but got intimidated by its size. I still need to go through it.

7:37 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

something new:

9:18 PM  

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