Humint Events Online: Man-Made Crop Circles?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Man-Made Crop Circles?

I find this video "debunking" of the idea of crop circles being alien in nature, to be rather unconvincing. Not so much that what couldn't be stomped down in four hours, but that the precise measurements required for this could be done in that time and by these crude instruments. Not to mention, this video could easily be faked to make it look like these guys did the circle.

Would like to see an actual time-lapse video-- FROM ABOVE-- of a crop circle made by people. Like this--

Which is a bit better, but still, something seems off to me here. Too many people for one. The design is rather basic too.

This is more like it:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

real aliens must find it endlessly amusing to make elaborate crop circles just to freak people out. oh i know, it is like hispanic gang-member's graffitti 'tagging'.
"odalay esse, this is OUR 'hood!" j

5:25 PM  

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