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Friday, April 27, 2012

WANTED-- Someone Who Can Explain This Picture

This is supposed to be WTC1, high up, with people at the windows. There are two issues here. First, the guy at the top who looks like he has a rifle and is standing at the window ledge. What IS he doing? How is he standing in that ledge? What is the thing that looks like a leg under the rifle object, but seems way out of place? The other big issue is the scale here. There are multiple floors here, each floor 12 feet high.Thus, those windows have to be at least 6 feet high, looks more like 8 feet high, given the smaller spandrel width. The scale here is all VERY weird, with the people seeming to be MUCH larger than they should be.

I see now LetsRoll has dealt with this topic, somewhat making some good points and other not so good points. They claim the windows were totally reconfigured here. Which I suppose might explain some of this but not all.

Still, highly bizarre.


Blogger Andy Tyme said...

Between the (sadly) feuding, but still highly insightful factions at Clues Forum and Let's Roll Forum, the probable answer lies, Spooked.

The 9/11 "Trapped Victims" and "Desperate Jumpers" mythology now appears to be just another sleazy pile of disinfo backstopped by the perps' shiny new toys (circa 2001): CGI-enhanced video and PhotoShopped stills -- both deliberately downgraded to make facial recognition impossible.
The obvious fact that such details as authentic sizing/scaling were messed with (possibly for dramatic effect, possibly just out of sloppiness) notwithstanding, the public bought into the psuedo-bathos big time, pushed along by the criminally compliant, mainstream media.

8:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not too convinced it's bizarre at all.

Check the footage at this link from which the still photo has probably been drawn -

(the view from which the photo was taken starts about 30 seconds in)

My assessment is that the tight cropping of the photo makes it difficult to see what's going on and a better version of the same shot is the wider view contained in the first picture on the letsrollforums like you provided.

From the wider view picture, I think that the 'rifle' is not a rifle but the left arm of a person standing behind your person of interest and clinging to the external column - much like the female two floors higher and two columns further right. (The arm gets withdrawn and replaced more than once on the video view)

Your person of interest is squatting in the bottom portion of the window on that floor. For whatever reason, it looks like the full length window has been replaced by a three segment version with the upper and lower portions separated by a visual and/or physical barrier at about waist height.

Were WTC tenant employees afraid of falling through the glass?; was it a safety enhancement? was it to eliminate sun strike and glare? - I don't know the answer but my suggestions seem reasonable when you look at the uncomfortable way the two guys are looking out of one such full length window in the second picture on the letsrollforums link you provided.

Look again at the wider photo and the people on the floor below your person of interest who are leaning out of the top portion of their windows. This makes me think that the bottom portion of glass may have been replaced by a solid filler or sun blinds/shutters.

Look too at the people on the floor above your person of interest and notice the person clutching the pillar above the woman mentioned earler. She is outside the lower window portion (very little smoke) while the other person is out of the upper portion of the same window (lots of smoke).

The person two floors below your person of interest is also out of the top portion of their window - more smoke again.

I find it easier to see than describe so I hope this makes sense.

7:01 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Yes-- I see. Thanks for that, 7:01AM. There were two issues, what was the guy doing? and so he is actually two people-- I see that now. That video clearly shows lots of people doing a similar thing with their arms hanging out. The other issue is the perspective/scale. I had seen this image or video before, but was always confused what was going because the size was so off. So clearly they have partitioned all those long windows into two smaller windows. It looks like some sort of major addition, the way people are standing on it. Anyway-- thanks for sorting that out!

11:20 AM  

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