Humint Events Online: Some Individual Things You Can Do to Fight the PTB

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Individual Things You Can Do to Fight the PTB

Little things, like moving your money to a local, credit union, keeping just your monthly needs in there. With any excess money, buy bullion, plant a garden, buy extra food, or buy land with the excess. Do not keep your money in the stock market, or any big bank. Shop at local community markets, not Walmart, even if it is cheaper. Ride a bike or walk when you can, instead of using your car. Or, sell your car and use a bus. Eat healthy food, lose excess weight and use natural supplements, so you don't have to use big pharma healthcare-- hospitals or pharmaceuticals. Make sure people know that Romney and Obama are just more the same status quo. Seriously question where your tax dollars go (they do not go to anything to benefit you or your community locally), and find out more about the IRS-- where your dollars go and who really runs/owns it. And most of all, do not buy into the fear they will bombard you with, if you do institute any of this! These are personal decisions, and can be psychologically daunting, but just start with baby steps and you will become stronger with each one. .... cut off their money, and it will cut them off at the knees. Start a community group to share and discuss information. Finally, meditation helps one become spiritually and psychologically stronger also.
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