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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Too Many Conspiracies, Too Little Time

Psychological control; Money; Power; Sexuality; Religion (Jesus Christ, Judaism, Israel, Islam, Catholic church, Jesuits); Drugs; Nationalism/patriotism/jingoism/racism; Immigration; Communism versus Capitalism; Natural disasters; Entertainment industry; Internet; Government; Education; Science; Academia; Big business; Corruption; News; Pornography; Political parties; Legal/Judicial system; Prison-industrial complex; Censorship/Cover-ups; Medical system; Vaccines; Abortion; Nazi Germany/Hitler/Holocaust; CIA; Israel/Mossad/Zionism; Military industrial complex; Big oil; Big pharma; Banking/Financial industry/Wall Street; Corporate controlled media; Propaganda; Media distractions; Controlled limited hangouts; Control of Banking system; FEMA; Powers that Be; The Elites; the New World Order (NWO); Illegal drugs/trafficking/abuse; Terrorism; Assassinations; Pollution/environmental destruction; Global warming; Control of alternative medicine; Control of alternative energy; Control of politicians; Rebellion/Revolution; NSA/massive governmental spying; COINTELPRO; Organized crime; British Royalty; Pedophilia; Rigged elections/computerized voting; Covert operations; Psychological operations; Patsies; Limited hangouts; Disinformation; Torture; Sex abuse/rape; Mind control; Control of energy sources; Double Agents; Ancient secrets; Pyramids; Intelligence agencies; Police state/fascism; False-flag terrorism; Genocide/culling of humanity; Control of humanity by the Elites/PTB/NWO; UFOs; Reptilian aliens/ET's; Crop Circles; Mysticism; Symbolism/numerology; Humans enslaved; Poisoning of humanity via drugs, pollution, vaccines, radiation, genetically modified foods, nuclear waste; Secret societies; Knights Templar/Knights of Malta; Puppet masters/elites; Perpetual engineered war; Humans held hostage; Nuclear weapons; Human interfacers with the EQOCCC; Human Origins; Fake moon landings; The Quarantiners; the Quarantine; The Evil Quarantined Ones/Cosmic Criminal Creators (EQOCCC);Quarantine Breakthrough; The Apocalypse; Enlightenment; Rebirth of humanity.

I had previously tried to organize these into 9 levels of conspiracy, but I can see now that while the idea was okay, the organization of the first few levels was fairly random....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I see it, you're merely trying to assign names to the separate faces of something like a great icosahedron.

Well, actually I think there are two major great icosahedra involved in what you are trying to work out. For want of better terminology, I tend to refer to each icosahedron as representing the strategic plans of "the Empire" and "the Rebels".

I think that the real skill lies in aligning the component parts you have identified with the right strategy or counter strategy in order to understand who is winning.

It looks more like a huge game of "Age of Empires" at every turn.

3:05 AM  

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