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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Deep Thought of the Day

I wish more people were talking about third party candidates.

Mitt Romney is clearly terrible in countless ways.
Obama, of course, has huge problems too.

I will not vote for either.

Both are psychopaths, but Romney is the more obvious inhuman, weird psychopath, which is why I can't see him winning.

Good alternatives to Obama and Romney:
Rocky Anderson -- Justice Party
Jill Stein -- Green party
Gary Jonson -- Libertarian party

These people ALL recognize the major problems the US is facing in a much more honest way than the major candidates, even if they don't get into deep conspiracy. But any of them if elected would go a long way to helping America and the world be a better place.

None of them has a chance of winning however, unless people talk about them, volunteer for them, donate to them, or vote for them.


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