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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

A View of History Where Nazi Germany Was the Aggrieved Party

Certainly eye-opening, for sure:

It's actually hard to refute most of the points here, so you know-- what a mind-fuck if you're an American raised on the Nazis being the the ultimate in evil. I've no doubt they were "bad"-- they were clearly fascists-- but were they worse than what we are now-- with our constant ongoing slaughter of innocents with drones, our recent genocidal invasion of Iraq and our ongoing war in Afghanistan?

If nothing else, this video gives a better understanding of what Germany was THINKING in WWII. The holocaust.... well, even if you don't buy the rosy view of the concentration camps painted here, it's really hard to believe the Hollywood horror story we've had forced on us over the years.

Then there is the German view of the Dresden firebombing:

All war is a crime, and WWII was one of the worst crimes known to mankind. So much death, from all sides. The Dresden fire-bombing by the British was a foreshadowing of the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the US. All terrible, horrible, mind-numbing crimes, all around. The Nazis obviously have received much of the blame for WWII, but there is certainly some evidence that Hitler was a British agent, and that all wars are controlled to some extent by our extremely evil PTB.

Not to mention the horrible actions by Israel -- the US client state-- since its history, on the Palestinians.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, that holocaust revision piece was actually pretty interesting, and scary, because it's not obvious how to refute it using only pop culture knowledge. Like was the Holocaust just a 1940s con by intel/secret societies in the same way 9/11 as used by the USG is a modern con that succeeded almost as well?

Before I saw this I thought Holocaust deniers were cranks and irrational anti-semites. Now it's like, holy f-, maybe they were right.

IMO if the Holocaust is not true, and if Hitler's invasion of Poland was provoked by genuine Polish atrocities against ethnic Germans, then while the Nazis were not good guys, it seems like they are only in the same class of evil sleeze as the USSR, Japan, UK, and the USA. I mean evil and repulsive, yes, but only in the degree that everyone else was too two generations ago.

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