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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Watched "The 9/11 Surfer" Movie

It had some good footage of the towers being nuked, and the Ground Zero aftermath, but otherwise wasn't so great-- mostly was weepy, personal stories. I was hoping they modeled the "collapse" and showed how Buzzelli survived in the stairwell and went down 20+ stories. The best they came up with was MIT's Thomas Eager talking about the "collapse" and saying there must have been some powerful updraft that cushioned Buzzelli's fall.

I hadn't really watched many of these official documentaries on 9/11 before, and never really realized how fucking AGONIZING it is when they show the tower being FUCKING NUKED and they call it a "collapse".



Blogger autiej said...

Yes, this special was full of personal stories, but I know Pasquale and Louise Buzzelli through their memoir, WE ALL FALL DOWN, which I just edited. I would say that for them, this documentary was just what they needed it to be. It is a miracle for them, and I don't think we always need scientific explanations to be thankful someone lived through something like that.

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