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Sunday, November 04, 2012

What Is Really Going On? What News Can We Trust?

We all know that the mainstream media (MSM, aka mainstain media, lamestream media, the Matrix) is deeply in bed with the CIA and is controlled by the PTB-- and they are totally fucking with us, to get us to go along with their agenda. (What their agenda is, is a whole other huge issue)

The problem is that you have to get news from somewhere, you can't just say it is all bullshit.  It's tempting to say the "news" is all fake, but that leads you into dangerous territory. You could say that you will only get news from independents/bloggers, but they all have their own biases and have their own agenda, and who knows how many independents/bloggers are really some clever disinfo/misinfo op by the same evil PTB that control the rest of the news. 

The REAL challenge, of course, is to figure out what parts of the news to trust.  One solution, that I like, is to try to get news from as many different sources as possible.  THANKFULLY we have the internet, which gives us endless options.  The problem then becomes one of too many sources!  A "virtual" (pun intended) Tower of Babel.  So, what to trust.

Here are my rules of thumb:

1) distrust 99% of stories from right-wing sources-- most of them are stupid, have no perspective and are incredibly biased.   For instance, most of FoxNews, radio figures like Rush Limbaugh are essentially worthless, and right-wing bloggers are just as bad, and even more numerous.  They often dominate google searches, unfortunately.

2) distrust anything that is obviously promoting war or demonizing other countries/other religions/other races

3) distrust anything that promotes corporate interests (another reason to distrust right-wing news)

4) distrust anything relating to terrorism in the MSM

5) distrust anything relating to the CIA in the MSM

6) distrust any pro-conspiracy sites that do not give proper explanations or documentation/links.

7) distrust anyone that is not appropriately skeptical of the official story on: 9/11, OKC bombing, JFK assassination, UFOs, Apollo moon landings, etc

8) distrust sites that promote incredible/far-out technologies, e.g. magical directed energy weapons

9) distrust any site with a strong religious slant

10) be open-minded and not automatically say things are false unless you have strong evidence otherwise; almost point of view can be argued by an expert but don't get bamboozled by technical talk

11) distrust sites that are strongly pushing a product-- a book, a DVD, some device, some nutritional product, some survival guide, some secret info, etc

12) be VERY SKEPTICAL of claims without sources, and articles that are copied and pasted from other sites that then have copied them from some other site, all without proper attribution.

13) beware bloggers that post extremely long pieces that do not have coherent flows of narrative or that do not have easily digestible summaries

14) beware bloggers that post as if it is their full-time job and do not have any other obvious source of income

15) distrusting doesn't mean to automatically rule something out--  just don't automatically trust these types of sources --> check for confirmation elsewhere.Finally, ask questions, get many different points of views

Personally, I just love novel ideas and mysteries-- it's why I get a kick from thinking about conspiracies and cover-ups.  I get strongly turned off by ideas that promote hate, war, or religion.  A lot of times, I may be way more in tune with the mainstream than you might expect.  And certainly, in my day to day life, there are no conspiracies that I am directly privy to, so I tend towards more mainstream politics at times.  I also think that thinking about conspiracies too much, when there is so much resistance by most people to accepting them, is draining and can drive you nuts.  So you have to "go mainstream" a lot, and accept that there are just things you can't do much about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't the U.S. use D.E.W. in

Isn't the evidence they were used to cause Sen. Wellstone's plane to crash
pretty strong? Ditto JFK Jr.?

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they used a lot of depleted uranium weapons in iraq.
and what exactly is a D.E.W.? i mean, please give an example of one.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Kold$hadow said...

Good advice . . . obviously balance is key, and like planes (or NoPlanes?) on 9/11, at this point, I'm going with a "If I wasn't there to perceive it personally, no sense in me pretending to know what happened" approach.

When you recommended we be skeptical of bloggers that can't possibly do anything else, TheUnHivedMind came to . . . mind. lol Very insightful posts but even if multiple people contribute, holy shit, they pump out essays there.

Oh, and most importantly . . . SPACE BEAMS MADE THE TOWERS GO "POOF"!

2:11 AM  
Blogger Andy Tyme said...


Shame, shame, Spooked.

3:18 PM  

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