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Sunday, December 09, 2012

You Don't Need To Be Much of a Conspiracy Theorist To See That....

... America's Global War on Terror is a self-perpetuating scam that enriches the massive military-industrial complex and the global police state and provides the CIA with covert drug money.

... America's war on drugs actually supports America's massive police state, America's massive prison industry and America's alcohol industry. 

... America's toxic corporate food and alcohol industry and vaccine industry is actually a boon for America's massive pharmaceutical industry.

Also... that 9/11 was an inside job, JFK was not killed by Lee Harvey Oswald, the Apollo landings were a hoax, there's something to the whole extra-terrestrial UFO business, and that the planet is run by a powerful group of elites who really don't have the best interests of humanity and other living things at heart.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

None of what you listed can fairly considered conspiracy theories.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Andy Tyme said...

Those NASA/NAZI schemers just keep dribbling out little "accidental hints" about the falsity of their own "Moon heroics" and about the "suppressed truth" of Mars having supported life. Get set for the someday, pseudo "disclosure" that their 1960s/1970s Moon photos and videos simply HAD to be faked -- to hide the obvious evidence of an ancient, otherworldly civilisation whose earthly descendants (the "illumined ones" of today) have a BIRTHRIGHT to rule (and exterminate at will) the rest of us.

1:35 AM  

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