Humint Events Online: Judy Wood and Friends on the Deanna Spingola Show

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Judy Wood and Friends on the Deanna Spingola Show


Wow-- it was really painful listening to just the first hour of this. These people are fucking doofuses.

The best part is where Wood claims she is not a disinfo agent, because it's illegal for people in the government to lie because of some old law against propaganda, so she has to be telling the truth, or something.

But if she's not an agent, she can lie, right?

But apparently the 9/11 Commission report didn't have any lies, just omissions. So, that means flights 11 and 175 really were hijacked by al Qaeda terrorists and really hit the twin towers, and Hani Hanjour really piloted flight 77 into the Pentagon, etc.

And the Bush administration NEVER put out any propaganda about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. Because that would be illegal, right???

And apparently Wood is completely incapable of formulating any real theory at all and JUST WILL NOT BE PINNED DOWN ON WHAT SHE THINKS REALLY HAPPENED OR WHAT GIZMO DESTROYED THE TOWERS. AND HOW DARE PEOPLE THINK FREE ENERGY AND BEAM WEAPONS HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE DESTRUCTION OF THE TOWERS! Even though the title of her book talks about free energy and she used to freely talk about star wars beam weapons.

Then the rest of the show is her and her friends complaining how they don't trust anyone else and whining about how people can't accept her theories/evidence.

Wow, I can't wait to listen to the next hour. And then I will schedule a lobotomy for myself.

Listened to a bit more.  Mentioned nukes, so far, only by Andrew Johnson in the context of saying how mean Jeff Prager was to them because Prager dismissed their evidence.  I am not going to get into all that back and forth, but Prager has way more credibility than Johnson, imo.

What is amazing is how completely non-self-aware and self-contradictory these people are.  They go on and on about how they are the only ones who understand anything, everyone else is brainwashed, and being in a group of people/having a lot of friends is bad, while complaining that their info can change the world but that no one will listen to them or take them seriously anyway, and that they like being alone.  They seem incredibly naive -- they are like children who are mad because other kids don't like them for some reason.

The problem is not so much that they are completely wrong about 9/11 being an inside job and the towers blown up by powerful high-tech weaponry (nukes, but they won't admit it), but that their attitude is so infantile. They have almost no awareness of other conspiracies or the multitude of terrible evils that are independent of 9/11 or the larger picture or any understanding of normal human nature.  The whole thing is just freaking bizarre.

Hard the whole thing.  The last 30 minutes was tolerable-- better, but still had some cringe-worthy moments.  The most disturbing thing is the Messiah complex that Wood has developed about herself, and she definitely has people propping her up.

Lastly, judged by her website, Spingola seems to have done a lot of writing, but she sounds like a total nitwit on the show.  Also, like Fetzer, she has interviewed tons of conspiracy researchers, but hasn't apparently synthesized any larger conspiracy view/worldview, which has always bugged me about Fetzer.


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