Humint Events Online: 10th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq

Probably the biggest overall disaster of my adult life-- the destruction of entire country.  Over a million lives taken, many more destroyed, a massive amount of money squandered (up to $6 trillion), and incredible waste all the way around.  And the country is still a war torn mess.  Extensive round up of articles about the Iraq war horrors and crimes here.  And oh yeah, MI6 and CIA were told before invasion that Iraq had no active WMD.

Has ANYONE been held accountable for this MASSIVE CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY?

No, of course not.  The US media will hardly talk about what we did to Iraq, much less BLAME anyone.  Of course, the media themselves are largely responsible.  The media corporations-- CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC, ABC, NYTimes, Washington Post-- all bear major blame.

But just as important are the individuals in government and the media who brought us this horror-- the Iraq war propagandists:

George W. Bush,
Dick Cheney,
Condoleeza Rice,
Donald Rumsfeld,
George Tenet
Richard Perle,
Doug Feith,
Paul Wolfowitz,
Bill Kristol,
Tom Friedman,
Charles Krauthammer
Frank Gaffney,
Robert Kagan,
James Woolsey,
Laurie Mylroie,
Kenneth Pollack,
Colin Powell,
Michael O’Hanlon,
Sean Hannity,
Bill O’Reilly,
Rush Limbaugh,
John Bolton,
Ahmad Chalabi,
Tony Blair,
Judith Miller,
Karl Rove,
David Frum
any and all Senators and Congresspeople who actively promoted the war.

And I am sure I am missing many others, but these are the most prominent.

The criminals all deserve a special form of justice, but that will likely never come.  Nor will they rot in hell, since I don't think biblical hell exists.  Maybe they should all be sent to live as a poor person in Iraq, and see what that is like.  That might be some justice.   Really, they need to be imprisoned and their assets seized and given back to the country to help pay for the damage they caused.

And of course, at the heart of it, was 9/11, for whom many of the same people can be held responsible.  For the brutalization of Iraq could not have been done without 9/11.


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Really? How much proof do you have? The truth lies somewhere in between....

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