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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Conspiracy Endgames

So where do conspiracy theorists think it is all going?

There are a few scenarios I've heard--

1) Agenda 21-- the UN plan for sustainable human living on earth.  IMO, the freakout about this are just dumb, right-wing cartoonishness.

2) One World government-- the New World Order, with one small clique of oligarchs ruling/controlling all of humanity.  As vague as this is, it frankly doesn't sound that different from what we currently have.  I also think it's essentially impossible for any group to rule the world, in a strict way at least.  They could however, rule the world in terms of controlling the money supply, which is what we have now.  As bad as this is, it hardly seems like a real "endgame". 

3) Humans will become half machine, and computers will take over--  this just seems like a possible course of technological innovation. I don't get the evil conspiracy here-- it's not clear why humans would engineer this on purpose.  Also, I don't think this has to be the unstoppable course. Obviously, having humans engineered with computer chips and so forth to follow orders would be bad, but I think we are a long way from this, and it's a very complicated scenario.  I pretty much feel that humans are very damn well controlled right now, what else do the PTB want?

4) Taking our guns away and enact fascism and put people in concentration camps-- again, this to me is dumb, right-wing cartoonishness.  We already have a form of fascism, and look, if the govt really, really wants to lock you away in a concentration camp, your guns aren't going to help.  It will just mean you go down shooting.

5) Population culling-- this one seems more realistic to me, but IMO, any sort of culling is not going to be that overt, and anyone who is aware of the elites and this plan, are not likely to be ones who get culled. More, it's the clueless people and the poor brown people who will get killed off, due to the various threats the PTB have engineered.

6) Aliens will come and enlighten us and bring a new era of human realization and potential-- this one, promoted by UFO enthusiasts and new-agers is certainly nice to think about, but seems more like wishful thinking than anything else.

7) Evil aliens trapped on earth are trying for a quarantine breakout which will lead to the destruction of much of humanity-- this of course is Anonymous Physicist's main "ultimate truth" and I certainly think it is the most interesting idea of the conspiracy endgames.  It has the advantage of explaining a hell of a lot about human history, and suggests a real defined endgame.  The problem is that it's damn hard to know how this would come about, and how to prevent it (if we had any control over it at all).  This sort of conspiracy is definitely the most difficult to fully understand, but is still the most intriguing for me.


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