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Monday, August 19, 2013

Quarantine-Related Comment of the Day

It's not a conspiracy the federation is known by millions of people but the number of believers are so small nobody knows about´╗┐ the federation or that their is a massive fleet of millions of ships of various shapes and sizes in our solar system 95% are cloaked to not have people think its an alien invasion in fact it is a blockade force meant to keep the Draconians and greys off earth. The Draconians and greys we see on earth are trapped on earth and their resistance will be quelled.
That, is not too far off from A.P.'s quarantine theory.

This, is really weird though:
They and our government think that can stop disclosure and open contact but they cannot stop the divine plan. The creator as they call "god" will not let it be halted. Lord sananada(Jesus) organizes in the´╗┐ Office of Christ and overseer to the Ashtar command.

Hmm, looks like came from this guy's writings: Joshua David Stone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Far out, man! That "A.P." dude's heavy.

5:53 PM  

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