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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Some Progressive Ideas

I really like this:
For those with assets, technological savvy, and a sense of adventure, the state is the enemy and a cryptographic currency is the solution.  But for those more focused on the decline of the middle classes, the collapse of the entry-level jobs market, and the rise of free culture, the state is an ally, and the solution might look something like an unconditional basic income. Before I explain why this concept is going to be creeping into the political debate across the developed world, let me spell out how a system like this would look:
  • Every single adult member receives a weekly payment from the state, which is enough to live comfortably on.  The only condition is citizenship and/or residency.
  • You get the basic income whether or not you’re employed, any wages you earn are additional.
  • The welfare bureaucracy is largely dismantled.  No means testing, no signing on, no bullying young people into stacking shelves for free, no separate state pension.
  • Employment law is liberalised, as workers no longer need to fear dismissal.
  • People work for jobs that are available in order to increase their disposable income.
  • Large swathes of the economy are replaced by volunteerism, a continuation of the current trend.
  • The system would be harder to cheat when there’s only a single category of claimant, with no extraordinary allowances.

How about also really going after US companies that hide their profits offshore?

And of course massively regulate the banks and audit the Fed.

Let's also ban companies that profit from terrorism and of course dismantle the military-industrial complex.

A truth commission for all the horrible crimes of our military-intelligence complex would be a great thing to really change our world for the better.

A truth commission on UFOs and ETs would be nice too.

What a wonderful world it could be....


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