Humint Events Online: Starfish Prime, Operation Fishbowl, Quarantine and UFOs

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Starfish Prime, Operation Fishbowl, Quarantine and UFOs

Anonymous Physicist explained several years ago how the high altitude nuclear detonation of Operation Starfish Prime in 1962 was part of a quarantine breakout attempt. The gist of this is that the earth is held in quarantine by ETs, who are trying to keep humans and their related evil ET creators from escaping the earth and wreaking havoc on other parts of the galaxy/universe.

This idea is certainly better than the official story, at explaining why the US would nuke the upper atmosphere MULTIPLE TIMES (!) -- an incredibly dangerous move with unpredictable consequences for life on earth.

An interesting new thing I found is the larger operation for nuking the atmosphere was called Operation Fishbowl. Isn't this a perfect name for an operation about breaking out of the quarantine-- "fishbowl" being symbolic for "Quarantine"? The earth was the fishbowl, and the alien "fish" were trying to escape!

Moreover, if you read a history of UFOs, there were clearly huge numbers of craft (hundreds to thousands) visiting the planet all through the late 1940's- late 1960's. But I have not seen any UFO history incorporate this nuking operation into their overall history. I believe part of this nuking plan was to disrupt and send a message to the ET craft.  It would be good to know if UFO sightings changed after Operation Fishbowl, but getting accurate information on sightings is difficult. One interesting thing, as A.P. noted in his piece, is that the radiation in the van Allen belts increased after these tests, and that perhaps this was done by the quarantiners to add another layer of the quarantine. As this wiki page says, the Fishbowl tests actually created new, artificial radiation belts. Radiation belts that still persist. Was this intended or an accident? Perhaps it was the other way around, with humans setting up these new radiation belts to try to damage the various visiting UFO craft as well as the quarantiners.



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