Humint Events Online: US Drones Are War Crimes

Sunday, October 27, 2013

US Drones Are War Crimes


Two human rights groups have released major new reports on how U.S. drone strikes kill civilians in Yemen and Pakistan. Amnesty International focused on Pakistan, where it says some drone killings may amount to war crimes. The group reviewed 45 drone strikes that have occurred in North Warizistan since January 2012. It found at least 19 civilians were killed in just two of those strikes, despite claims by the Obama administration it is accurately targeting militants. In one case, a 68-year-old grandmother, Mamana Bibi, was killed in a strike that appeared to be aimed directly at her. She was picking okra while surrounded by her grandchildren when she was blasted to pieces. Her son and granddaughter described the attack.
Rafiq ur-Rehman: "The children were also with her. She was hit in the first attack, and her body parts were lying scattered."
Nabeela: "First it whistled. Then I heard a 'dhummm.' The first hit us, and the second, my cousin. There was an explosion. We were scared, and I ran home. It was dark in front of our house. They brought me to the doctor in the village who gave me first aid. I was not scared before, but now, when the drone is flying, I am scared of it."
More here.

This interview with ex-Air Force Pilot Brandon Bryant is worth a watch:

AND in this pathetic story, the kids who saw their grandmother get blown up, testify to a precious few handful of decent Congressional representatives.


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