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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Amazing UFO/ET Sightings in South America, 1954

Case I:
On the evening of December 9, 1954, farmer Olmiro da Costa e Rosa was feeding his animals by throwing plants of French bean and maize in a field of his property of in Herval Mirim, a location near Linha Bela Vista, 2.5 miles from Venancio Aires, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. He then heard something making a sound he described as "similar to the sound of a sewing machine", and noticed that the cows in the field were starting to run away. He thus looked up and saw a man of strange appearance and an unusual object hovering beyond, just some feet above the ground. The object was a bright craft, in the shape of a basin or explorer's hat, it was cream-colored and surrounded by a smoky haze. He saw two more strange men: one was in the craft with his head and shoulders sticking out an opening, the other was outside, apparently examining a barbed-wire fence.
Da Costa e Rosa had time to observe the men and they were at fairly close range: they were of average height, broad-shouldered, with long blond hair which blew in the wind. Their skin was extremely pale, "cadaver" pale, their slanted eyes were not normal men eyes. They wore light brown coverall-like garments fastened to their shoes, and the shoes seemed very strange to him because they had no heels. In the surprize, Costa e Rosa dropped his hoe, and the stranger nearest to him came at him, raised a hand, smiled, picked up the hoe, examined it carefully, then placed the hoe in Costa e Rosa's hands.
Costa e Rosa was holding a plant of beans ans a plant of maize, and the man took those and started toward the craft. Costa e Rosa had stood as if paralyzed, but then he thought that they did not seem to mean harm to him, so he walked toward the craft. The man who had taken the hoe and the one in the craft made no move to stop him, but the one at the fence made a gesture which seemed to mean that he should stop; which he did. Some of the farmer's animals had approached, and the strangers looked at them with great interest. With words and gestures, the witness tried to tell the visitors that he would be happy to make a gift of one of the sheep, but the visitors did not seem interested and did not seem to understand him when he spoke.
Unexpectedly, the visitors went in the craft, and it rose about 30 feet, accelerated suddenly, and flew away into the western sky at high speed. Costa e Rosa then checked the ground over which the objects had hovered, but he found nothing. He noticed a smell of burning coal remained in the air for some time after the craft's departure. His story then appeared in the local Press, and in national magazine O Cruzeiro in an article written by famous reporter and ufologist Joao Martins. Costa e Rosa was apparently questioned for several hours by Porto Alegre authorities, and it was determined that he was almost illiterate and did not read science fiction or the newspapers, that he had never heard of flying saucers. Actually he did not seem to interpret the encounter as extraterrestrial, but thought the men must have been some aviators from a foreign country.
In 2004, a local newspaper who had reported the case back then interviewed the witness's son who was 21 back then, and he confirmed what his father told and gave his opinion that his father had not lied. He added that his father had shouted and was heard by neighbors during the encounters, and that he had nightmares following the encounter. Several other UFO sighting had taken place then in the area, including close encounters of the third kind, the nearest being on the same day only a few kilometers away.

Case II:
11 December 1954 17:00
Linha Bela Vista, Brazil

Two human beings dressed in "yellow bags" entered a craft that "had a bottom like an enormous polished brass kettle," and flew away.
At 5:00 p.m. farmer Pedro Morais of Linha Bela Vista, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil first noticed a disturbance among his chickens in the farmyard. He then saw a UFO shaped like an 'enormous polished brass kettle' with a rectangular structure on top, making a sound like a sewing machine, hovering in the air with an oscillating motion. Two small humanoids 'enveloped in a kind of yellow sack from head to toe' were standing in a nearby field. As he approached, one ran toward him, the other raised its arm. The first one knelt down and plucked a tobacco plant from the field, then both jumped into the craft, which vanished within a few seconds.

Near the site of Case 349, Pedro Morais saw two human beings dressed in "yellow bags" take a tobacco plant and a chicken, then go away. Their craft "had a bottom like an enormous polished brass kettle," hovered with an oscillating motion, and made a noise like a sewing machine. Its upper part resembled a jeep hood.

Close encounter with a an unidentified craft and monstrous occupants. One yellow domed disc was observed by one experienced male witness on a farm for a few seconds (Morais, P). A sewing machine-like sound was heard. Two 3-foot-tall dwarves, each wearing a yellow bag, were seen.
Farmer Pedro Morais, noticing alarm among the chickens, perceived an object hovering with an oscillating motion; its bottom resembled "an enormous polished brass kettle," its upper part was "like a jeep." In a nearby field he then saw 2 small human figures "enveloped in a kind of yellow sack from head to toe." As he approached, one ran toward him, the other raised his arm. One knelt down and plucked a tobacco plant, then both jumped into the craft, which vanished within a few seconds.

Case III:
December 16th, 1954 – Taking a rest stop while driving along the Pan-American highway near San Carlos del Zulia, Venezuela, Jesus Paz left his two friends in their car and walked off a short distance to relieve himself. They heard him screaming and then saw him fall unconscious. A small hairy dwarf ran off from the spot to a flat, shiny hovering UFO. The machine shot off with a loud whistle. Jesus Paz had deep scratches on his body from the creature. 

All three of these incidents are described in a book by Coral E. Lorenzen written in 1966, Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence of the Invasion from Outer Space.

All incidents are well documented and substantiated, and there are many more just like these in every year from the early 50's to the mid-60s...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Accounts such as these should be taken seriously, but more hard evidence would help refute the notion that these were made up by the people telling about them.

7:43 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Well, I think ultimately the question is what would these people gain by making this stuff up? And these sorts of reports happen over and over in the 50's and 60's, they are not freak or rare events. Personally, taking all the evidence of verified sightings together, I tend to believe these are real events.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

these people are uneducated farmers in a 3rd world country - they are incapable of manufacturing an elaborate science fiction scenario.
i'm sure that they were telling the truth.

10:33 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

well put, these people were not the sorts of people you would expect to make up such wild and elaborate stories. They were thought to be trustworthy and reputable people by the authorities.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Their stories are similar and may well reflect actual events...0r
they might be the products of people with an idea towards seeing their photo in newspapers and on tv.

12:51 AM  

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