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Sunday, February 09, 2014

End-Times for Capitalism? Greed, Pollution and Crisis Cults

I think there always has been a sense that our present course is unsustainable, and our situation seems to be getting more dire every year.

Our addiction to oil and gas and coal energy is killing us, not just from the pollution from fracking and coal production and oil spills, but also the CO2 that keeps rising at a frightening pace.  The oceans are terribly polluted, not just from mankind's plastic waste but also from Fukushima radiation. Endless greed from out of control capitalism is clearly part of this mix-- our world is getting ever more divided into the very poor and the super rich.  The American empire is clearly in a state of over-extension and is slowly fading, as we continue to pour untold trillions of dollars into the military and intelligence agencies.

I've always thought Chris Hedges was far too negative in his assessments of America. He speaks in amazingly precise sentences of condemnation, but his tone is much like a preacher ranting about the devil, and it is a bit much for me, typically. Plus, he has never mentioned (and likely has even dismissed deeper conspiracies to explain our predicament). Still, he has good points overall, and I thought this interview was pretty good:

His point about denialist crisis cults is particularly key. Too many people want to exist in a fantasy world, and not work for real change.

In Part 2, it was nice to hear Hedges take on a more combative tone, basically saying we have to fight back because otherwise there is no hope.

This interview with economist Richard Wolff is more down to earth, but is interesting, and Wolff indicates that we are due for some sort of major correction to capitalism:

A revolution is needed in the near future, but it seems the PTB have rigged the game quite a bit to prevent this, and a mass die-off of humanity seems to be in the cards.

In my opinion, we have to become more sustainable, and release free energy technologies and perhaps expose the ET presence. But there is endless disinfo about all of these things, and sadly many conspiracy minded people think "sustainability" is a dread UN plot (Agenda 21).


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