Humint Events Online: "Gas Chamber Deniers on 'Donahue' Show"

Sunday, March 30, 2014

"Gas Chamber Deniers on 'Donahue' Show"

All 4 parts of this are worth watching--

It's pretty interesting and such a perfect encapsulation of how the Holocaust was treated then, and still to a large extent, now by the media.

Viewed dispassionately, you can see how illogical Donohue is being. Whether it's willful, or because he's blinded by propaganda and emotion, he fails to take into account any of the key points made by Smith or Cole.The audience is also pathetic, clearly goaded into being antagonistic to Smith and Cole. Donohue consistently equates denial of the gas chambers with denying the Holocaust completely, which misses the key point that the Holocaust was a terrible, traumatic, complex event, even without the gas chamber aspect.

What was particularly funny was how they had Michael Shermer on to rebut the gas chamber deniers, but also as a " real historian", he rebutted some of the more outrageous Holocaust claims (skin lampshades, Jewish soap). Yet, Donohue and the other pro-Holocaust people on the show went ahead and ignored Shermer's points about Nazi atrocities anyway.

Shermer is worth further mention as editor of the magazine "Skeptic", and who in more recent years is a die-hard believer in the official 9/11 story and debunker of 9/11 conspiracies.  Yet, you can see that Shermer has a very different view of what kind of evidence to believe for the gas chambers and for the official 9/11 story. He says for the gas chambers that "The absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence"!

Smith and Cole maintain their composure the whole time, and in general, make logical and important points.  If this were a real debate, it's hard not to see that Smith and Cole won easily on points.


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