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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

No Mention of WTC7 at 9/11 Museum

The lack of WTC7 info at the museum is not too surprising, but still a good review of the museum here.

What is perhaps more interesting is the 9/11 memorial site, with the pools of water/fountains, where the WTC1 and 2 towers once stood.

Up close, as in the last picture here, you can see these fountains are deeply creepy. You can see how dark and deep they are. Certainly this last view gives me a feeling of loss and imminent death.

What's interesting is the way the bases of these once huge towers, are carved out, going downwards, as if they are still falling, with a central deeper portion, with the hole going out of site.

The towers of course were destroyed by nuclear demolition, and we have posited on this blog the idea of the WTC China Syndrome from the leftover fissionable materials from the nukes, that kept generating immense heat and even melting the ground below the towers.

Don't these fountains give the impression of the China Syndrome-- the nuclear materials burning holes deep through the earth? It's very eery, to me.

Further, the fact that they put fountains here gives the impression that the ground was still too mucked up to build on. They had to cover the sites with concrete and water, perhaps to keep the lingering radiation down from residual nuke material.

(thanks to J for the link)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

didn't they rebuild wtc7 and name it the 'freedom tower'?
anyway maybe yall's better keep your heads down on 6/22/14.:

is 22 june 2014 about to be a date that will live in infamy?

7:32 AM  

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