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Friday, July 18, 2014

World Gone Mad, Day 2

I'm sure Israel just loves how the MH17 plane shootdown is taking headlines away from their Gaza invasion and war crimes.

What exactly happened with the MH17 shootdown? Both sides are blaming each other and of course the situation has dire possibilities for starting a major war.

Very bizarre:
While there are various questions that have already emerged from what was supposed to be Ukraine's "slam dunk" proof confirming Russian rebel involvement in today's MH-17 tragedy, perhaps one just as gaping question emerges when one looks at what is clearly an outlier flight path in today's final, and tragic, departure of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777.
Perhaps the best visualization of what the issue is, comes from Vagelis Karmiros who has collated all the recent MH-17 flight paths as tracked by Flightaware and shows that while all ten most recent paths pass safely well south of the Donetsk region, and cross the zone above the Sea of Azov, it was only today's tragic flight that passed straight overhead Donetsk.

Certainly, there is every reason to be suspicious of this plane incident-- given that it could be a spark for major war, it may well be a false-flag deliberate provocation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israelis control the amsterdam airport where MH17 departed from.

MH17 Hauled Gruesome Cargo
In Infected Corpses And Tainted Blood

Is there anything that the jew bastards don't control?

10:33 AM  

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