Humint Events Online: Ukraine and the End-Game

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ukraine and the End-Game

It seems pretty clear that much of the whole Ukraine crisis has been engineered by the US/NATO, as explained here by Steven Cohen. Clearly, US/NATO expansion threatens Russia and European stability, and Russia seems to be doing what any country would do in its place.

The big picture is that this Ukraine conflict seems designed mainly to provide an excuse for a build up and development of new nuclear weapons by both the US and Russia. Nuclear weapons have deep significance for the PTB, and will likely be used for an end-times and/or quarantine breakout scenario.

But the disturbing thing, which bugs the hell out of me every time I see it (and shows how over-run with intel the media is and the web is, e.g. Democratic Underground), is how there are so many people who (apparently) want to demonize Russia and Putin over this Ukraine situation. The disinfo and propaganda is so fucking thick, you can cut it with a knife. What really gets me is the commenters on DU who seem to care SO MUCH about Ukraine and hate Russia and Putin SO MUCH and scream about Russian atrocities all the time (when the situation is murky at best and Ukraine is no good guy here). Why would normal people do this??? These commenters have to be agents, is all I can figure.


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