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Monday, November 24, 2014

Afghanistan-- the Forever War

Yes, it is fucking evil and fucking insanity.

President Obama has secretly extended the U.S. role in Afghanistan despite earlier promises to wind down America’s longest war. According to the New York Times, Obama has signed a classified order that ensures U.S. troops will have a direct role in fighting. In addition, the order reportedly enables American jets, bombers and drones to bolster Afghan troops on combat missions. And, under certain circumstances, it would apparently authorize U.S. air-strikes to support Afghan military operations throughout the country. The decision contradicts Obama’s earlier announcement that the U.S. military would have no combat role in Afghanistan next year. Afghanistan’s new president Ashraf Ghani has also backed an expanded U.S. military role. Ghani, who took office in September, has also reportedly lifted limits on U.S. airstrikes and joint raids that his predecessor Hamid Karzai had put in place. 

Of course, Chuck Hagel was fired as Sec of Def today, likely because he wasn't an aggressive enough war hawk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

endless war hooray!
welcome to the new american century!
obama should return his nobel "peace" prize and should be awarded the nobel war prize. he is just another neocon.
the bush family embraces him wholeheartedly.

12:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Obama administration appears to have a terrorist “hands off” list that permits individuals with extremist ties to enter the country, according to internal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents obtained by a United States Senator.

ordinary americans are being targeted while known terrorists are being escorted through security

7:30 PM  

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