Humint Events Online: ZOMG!!! Anti-Vaxxers!!!

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

ZOMG!!! Anti-Vaxxers!!!

I shouldn't be surprised considering the way they traditionally go after "conspiracy theorists", but the way the media is hunting down and shaming anyone who dares question vaccine orthodoxy is insane. It's like anyone who QUESTION VACCINES IN ANY WAY IS KILLING THE CHILDREN.

It's as bad, if not worse, than when they go after those 9/11 truther freaks...


ETA: In general, I'm not anti-vaccine. But the way the media freaks out about people who don't vaccinate really makes me suspicious. The benign explanation is that for just general awareness issues, most people are fairly superficial and don't do nuance well. So in order to make sure people have no doubts about vaccination, because it really is important, they absolutely squash any deviation from the official line. The more disturbing possibility is they are making sure people get these vaccines for deeper evil reasons, such as wanting to make people more chronically sick, or possibly even worse.


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